Managing Brand Reputation

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Managing Brand Reputation

Yesterday, I moderated a panel at ITEXPO on managing brand reputation. Here are some tidbits from the panel.

"Brand is part product, part value proposition and part customer experience" (or how the customer interacts and uses your product)., said Shatel

Reputation Management consists of three layers of software applications: CRM, the Interaction software and the ERP system behind the scenes that connects information to the other two systems.

Brand Ambassadors can play an important role (especially on forums) for a business. The best way to find a Brand Ambassador is to listen or to turn a disgruntled customer into a Raving Fan.

Know the cost of customer acquisition as well as the lifetime value of the customer to determine whether the cost of brand reputation is worthwhile.

A customer complaint is an opportunity.

The simple way to get started is to use Google Alerts to find out what is out there daily about your business name, product name or your own name across Google properties.

Brand Reputation is an important asset of the business. Managing that reputation is possible if not complex today.

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