What Business Are You Really in?

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What Business Are You Really in?

For the Cloud Comm providers, it seems like they are in every business except VoIP. They are phone (handset) purveyors, network operators (for all the circuits they provide), tech support, software integration, network monitoring and a host of other managed services. After that, they are voice service providers.

Dell, Gateway, Compaq, IBM - all sold desktops and laptops -- all clunky, not stylish, looked the same - only difference? Maybe price, components. Then Apple puts out the Mac Book and it changed everything. Have you seen the Samsung Chromebook Pixel? Beautiful. Now Dell et al aim for lightweight, colors or brushed metal, dual purpose - anything to be different. If only they had thought of that 5 years ago.

Every BSFT player in the US uses Polycom phones, Acme Packet or Sansay SBC, UC-One or Bria, and BroadWorks. Where's the Differentiation?

The only differentiation I see comes two places. One is in software integration (like to Zendesk or Zoho). This is getting more important as we go forward. The second is in deployment. The on-boarding process will make or break the customer - and the profitability of the account. If you stop thinking of it as TTU (test-and-turn-up) and other telco terms and you shift to thinking about the Customer eXperience (CX or UX), the whole box shifts.

We spend so much time on the telecom that we forget that Cloud Commis really about impact, outcome, user experience. If using your phone system doesn't change how they do business, then you have failed. Period.

Same features, phones, network options - other than that hide the logo on the marketing or booth or banner and it could be anyone's service.

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