What Did I Miss Part 34

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What Did I Miss Part 34

Merger Details Emerge

In the mix of the Comcast-TWC merger will emerge a new MSO created by divestitures and swaps called GreatLand Connections, previously called SpinCo. Charter will own one-third and operate it, says Telecompetitor.

The FCC has received a lot of comments on this merger docket and many are anti-merger. I think it would be a mess for consumers - and the result would be a much larger Comcast that is too large already. If anything, Charter should be the entity that mergers with TWC. I don't see how this merger has any public good involved.

Business is just too Corporate, especially Comcast.

Something New

Business Texter was at ITEXPO and presented at Startup Camp. BizTexter is a way for businesses (think dry cleaners, restaurants, hardware stores) to respond to their customers via text messages. It has a developing artificial intelligence that allows for automatic responses to frequently asked questions, like what time do you close; directions; today's specials. It is an interesting way to take the tech and enable it to actually help businesses serve customers.


Taqua bought Kineto Wireless because VoWiFi is about to take off.

ADTRAN has launched a managed Wi-Fi solution. The controller of the Access Points (APs) are on a server on premise or in the cloud. ADTRAN licenses the software that controls the APs. The service is called ProCloud, which is being marketed to Tier 2 and Tier 3 service providers to own and manage hosted wi-fi for businesses (and collect some MRR). ADTRAN will offer the whole bucket - APs, controller, help desk, PS - soup to nuts from Adtran with the software running in their data center.

p> An Australian company is offering a $129 PBX with wi-fi router. That is low!

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