Softphone From a Handset Maker

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Softphone From a Handset Maker

The Telecom Reseller has a report that Grandstream released an Android app.

"Grandstream Networks has announced the launch of Grandstream Wave, a free softphone application for Android devices. Grandstream Wave allows business and residential users to make and receive SIP based voice calls over Wi-Fi using any Android mobile devices running Android 4.0 or higher. This free app can be downloaded from the Google Pay Store and supports the integration of up to six SIP accounts, six-way voice conferencing and a number of telephony features."

CLECs releasing apps - like Voxox - isn't unusual. A handset manufacturer like Grandstream launching a free app is unusual. The telecom pundits bloviate about the death of phone calls and the desktop phone. This will be right up their alley.

I have often written about how Hosted PBX players are really handset distributors because they spend so much time and effort on financing, supporting, installing, and selling the phones themselves - and so little time on the actual phone system design and implementation. Maybe this is a new beginning.

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