A TWC Story

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A TWC Story

A reader sent me a story about the difficulty of adding the voice mobility package to the company's TWCBC voice service. "Over the past 7 days, I have put in 3-4 hours in working trying to get this simple feature added and have spoken with 3 sales reps, a retention rep, and several others in other departments." Frustration with the process and the company is natural in telecom. This isn't TV any more. But then that is why TWC was for sale. It seems as if people in the C-Suite just don't give a crap. Like the CEO at tw telecom, it is easier to sell out while you still look good than to continue to try to push the rock up a hill.

Before Wall Street became so important, these kinds of scenarios wouldn't have occurred. the exit strategy wasn't on the forefront of everyone's mind -- it wasn't the driver of business decisions. Today, it is all that is thought about. Not how to build a great brand or how to wow customers, but how soon can we exit with millions stuffed in our pocket. Pretty said. It makes everything a commodity to be bought and sold.

TWC is the only top MSO to not take voice seriously. Even its sister cableco, Bright House, acquired a Broadsoft shop to gain some much needed VoIp experience. Charter, Cox, Comcast and Cablevision offer business hosted voice powered by a Broadsoft. Not TWC. But they did buy Navisite, which I still can't grasp.

The thing of it is: Telecom still sucks. I am waiting - today is 31 days - since the order was accepted by Birch for a port. It has been 9 days for a business triple-play from Comcast and no site survey done or numbers. Getting AT&T to pull copper to a new building took months. And everyone knows that a FOC date is anything but solid. Everything in telecom is one huge mess -- which is why agents still have an important part to play in the whole mess. Project management and voice of the customer!!

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