Did You Make It?

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Did You Make It?

IHS Infonetics' Hosted Unified Communications Scorecard came out. I have to wonder how they score this. I know from my own work that I only discuss and write about companies and products that I know about. (It is why you are probably bored of hearing about EarthLink and HPBX companies.)

"Topping Infonetics' 2015 North American hosted cloud UC scorecard are 8x8, West IP Communications, Vonage, RingCentral and Comcast."

"Comprising the second tier of leaders in the scorecard are Broadview Networks, Mitel, Star2Star, Thinking Phone Networks and Verizon (listed in alphabetical order)."

"Growing fast and doing great things in the UC-as-a-Service space, and coming in right below the top 10, are a broad mix of providers such as CenturyLink, CoreDial, Cox, Earthlink, iCore, Masergy, Megapath, ShoreTel, Windstream and XO."

CoreDial had a big day today: "CoreDial Raises $27.5M in Growth Equity Funding from LLR Partners".


Some of the names on this list, I wonder. There are others - a couple of Platinum Polycom partners - who are not on this list. Probably because they don't spend the money ... on marketing.

Where is Nextiva, Voxox, Evolve IP, Alteva, Bright House, Panterra, Level3, Momentum, AT&T, Bullseye, MetTel, Granite, Birch(Cbeyond), AireSpring, TelePacific and Sprint?

Mitel and Shoretel make the list, but not Digium?

FreePBX/Schmoozecom/Sangoma should at least be a footnote.

These lists make great marketing and something to put on your mom's refrigerator.

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