Too Much Insider Telecom (a Glossary)

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Too Much Insider Telecom (a Glossary)

I was informed this morning by a friend that perhaps I write too much insider telecom. He is in tech and still gets lost reading my stuff. From this TWC story, I will explain some of the acronyms.

An MSO is a TV distribution system like cable or satellite (DirecTV). TWC is Time Warner Cable, whose business division is TWCBC (TW Cable Business Class).

VZ is Verizon. VZW is Verizon Wireless. Ma Bell will always be ATT or AT&T or the RBOC. Pa Bell is VZ.

The C-Suite means the CEO and his decision makers like the CFO, CMO, CTO, CIO or even senior vice presidents.

An FCO date is the installation date that phone company gives you. It used to be pretty firm, but as the telecom companies lobbied for deregulation (and won it!), the FOC date is a guideline if that. It gets changed the day of or the day after!!

Here is a small glossary of terms (CLEC, ILEC, MSO, VAR, MSP)

Hope this helps.

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