5 Things You Might Want to Read

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5 Things You Might Want to Read

My feed has produced some good reading recently. Here are 5 you might like.

5. Is your cloud provider HIPAA compliant? An 11 point checklist via GCN.

4. May 2015: 11 Major Social Media Changes This Month. Facebook algorithm, Pinterest buttons, Linkedin phone number search, twitter DMs and more.

3. How busy is the Internet? Here is a graphic of an Internet Minute.

2. Sales is difficult enough, but these 5 bad sales habits will sink your chances.

1. Mary Meeker is called a futurist. She works for VC firm Kleiner Perkins. Each year she presents her Internet Trends. [196 slides so you won't go through all of them but she shows the size of the internet today plus the apps marketplace. Worth a look.]

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