People on the Move

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People on the Move

I don't usually blog about people changing jobs but there has been an exodus of talent from the CLEC world mainly to the cloud world. I find that interesting because the CLECs for the most part are floundering. Getting rid of talent just to make the quarterly numbers look good is dumb. Reading Seth Godin's blog, Three things that make CEOs stupid, you can see it happening every day. CEOs bring in the same team they had at the last gig. News flash there, Mr. Big, you and your team didn't do such a good job on the last gig. How would you expect that same team to play better now?

Cbeyond's former VP, Jeff Uphues is now at Liquid Web, doing what he did for Cbeyond after they acquired MaximumASP.

MegaPath's former President and channel friend, Dan Foster, is now at TUUL, "changing how companies communicate in the new mobile economy".

EarthLink's last channel chief, Sherri Turpin, is now CEO at ZVRS, a video relay service based in Tampa Bay (near me).

Voxox just let their VP of Dealers go. Lots of musical chairs. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, folks.And nurture your network now -- you never know when you will need it.

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