The Show Wrap-up

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The Show Wrap-up

At the channel show in Boston, one thing seemed to be missing: the channel partners. The usual players were there but for the most part, everyone was asking where the agents were.

The East coast show is all cloud with many booths of with unknown logos. Granite, Bullseye, AT&T, Verizon, Windstream and, ooh, Sprint were the only telcos boothing it. I think that the agents may not care that much for the topics and the constant lectures from the stage of how they have to sell cloud or die. (I know I am.) For example, the topic sponsored by Broadsoft: The Death of PSTN.

There was a small invasion from global players with Telstra and Colt at the show, along with Portugal's IPBrick (pitching an open source Office365 product). Interesting to note that Cardi Prezzi and Carl Grivner were at PacNet when Telstra bought. Prezzi is still at Telstra Enterprise. Grivner is the next CEO of Colt.

The CLECs were talking (to me) about Managed MPLS with fail-over to broadband. Both Level3 and AireSpring spent some time telling me about this option being available now. While several people think MPLS is on the way out, both carriers said that MPLS is stil a hot seller.

Considering that a utility in CT still runs a frame relay network, I am guessing that all those pronouncements of things dying are just hopeful wishes.

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