Juniper is a Cable Pusher

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Juniper is a Cable Pusher

Juniper Networks is now pushing its VAR partners into the cable channel, getting them to sell cable services. It is pitched as cable is the cable to connect to the cloud. [see webcast video here] Comcast Business was on the webinar but they pitched their sisters too.

"One of the first integrated programs is the Cable Business Service Program. We call it "cable as a channel" and it integrates Juniper and cable companies to create a comprehensive partner eco-system that will grow connectivity for fiber, as well as accelerate the adoption of Juniper hardware, and increase revenue streams and profitability for partners." [Juniper blog]

"Consider this: The Telecom Services market represents 34 percent, or about $350 billion per year, of the annual $1 trillion U.S. IT market, according to industry experts. This is a huge market for selling connectivity," writes Juniper.

It is about MRR for the VAR, but this is the way that Juniper gets market share. Most of the CPE has NOT been Juniper - ADTRAN and Cisco own most of that market. Now Juniper will be pushing boxes through their partners alongside the cablecos. That is HUGE for Juniper.

Telarus must be a preferred Comcast master agency to be included in the webinar. I do like the way Patrick likens master agencies to VADs (Tech Data). They are more similar today than ever before - and Telarus looks more like TD than other masters, due to their automation.

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