Really Big Mergers

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Really Big Mergers

Dell-EMC, Charter-TWC-BHN. Anheuser-Busch InBev-SAB Miller. Big mergers usually amount to nothing good for customers. It is really about getting bigger, scaling up, too big to fail, but too big to execute.

The Charter acquisitions are facing opposition from many, many folks (and a Senator), but 80% likely to go through. Why? Not enough consumer harm demonstrated. And this is the land of Corporate Merica. Anything goes.

Bankers. It is all about the bankers.

Activist investors who call for a merger between Polycom and MITEL only do so because of the investor money that will roll out. It isn't about building a company to last.

Investors and analysts have been telling Windstream and Verizon to sell their data centers just 5 years after they bought them. Analysts are suggesting that CenturyLink sell off Savvis! Why? $$$$

If anyone can remember a really big merger that worked, please let me know. Thanks.

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