The Storming of Canada

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The Storming of Canada

Last week, Zayo bought Allstream from MTS. Allstream was a Canadian B2B telecom with a lot of fiber.

Shaw Communications in 2014 bought data center company, ViaWest. There has been a few large transaction across the northern border in the last two years.

Birch is making a move into Canada too. Primus Telecommunications went into creditor protection. Primus has had a wild ride from the 1990s when it was a global long distance company. I was an agent of theirs and a beta tester for their Enterprise VoIP product that became Lingo. After some re-organization and selling off assets around the globe including in the US, Primus Canada was the last standing company.

Primus is a national CLEC in Canada, selling network services across the country to both residential (Internet, Voice, LD and wireless) and business (Internet, Hosted PBX, voice and data) customers. Primus "entered into an agreement to be acquired by Birch Communications. In order to complete the sale of our business and assets to Birch, we've commenced a restructuring process that must be approved by the courts over the coming weeks," per the company website.

It is another asset sale for BIrch and a new country. I guess the grass is greener (under the snow) in Canada.

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