3 Sales Strategies for UCaaS

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3 Sales Strategies for UCaaS

With so many hosted VoIP companies out there -- has to be over 3000 in US and Canada - there are three strategies that these service providers can choose to sell their products through.

One is to package your product the way we have traditional sold it. That is to say, on-premise PBX (like Sangoma, Fonality, Digium, S2S) as the made ingredient coupled with SIP trunks and some "cloud" elements. Another version of this is to offer Key System Emulation (KSE), which is an awful way to provide hosted VoIP. No one will be happy. Paging, door buzzers and other gotchas will result in a loss of money and a pissed off customer.

The other way is to go all in with UC&C. Integration, contact center, analytics, portal, softphones, collab -- and have a good case study on how you deploy it and for whom you deploy it well.

The final away is to pivot to verticals. Integrate your communications platforms with vertical software systems, like dental office practice management or legal practice and case management software.

RingCentral just added Zapier to its list of integrations. The communications platform that was formerly known as Prince, I mean, Hosted PBX that became UCaaS, is slowly become a communications platform for work flow.

Why Zapier? Zapier takes some of the scripting away. It is pre-written code to use to add functions with a zap! There are other platforms like Zapier (like elastic.io, IFTTT and cloudwork.) These services utilize an open API on your comms platform to leverage APIs on many other software applications in order to help data flow and be efficient.

All About the API, a conference in Vegas in July to showcase the transition from Hosted PBX to enterprise comms platforms and how they are changing how businesses do business (like in tele-health, IoT and more!) Visit All About the API website for details.

By the way, real reasons people aren't buying your stuff? "Real reasons: My boss won't let me, I don't trust you, I'm afraid of change." Seth Godin.

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