Tidbits #2438

Peter : On Rad's Radar?
| Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO, Inc. talking telecom, Cloud, VoIP, CLEC, and The Channel.

Tidbits #2438

Data Center, M&A, BK, Innovation, UCAAS and more in this episode of Tidbits.

Sendhub,a business SMS provider that raised $10M, was acquired by Cameo Global, a global managed IT shop that does some contact center work.

Salesforce's leadership position in CRM now gets e-commerce with Demandware $2.8B acquisition

Broadsoft acquired Intellinote. [see here]

QTS buys DuPont Fabros Tech's New Jersey data center. This transaction comes after QTS transformed the Sun Times building in Chicago into a Tier 3 data center with 317K SF of capacity and 24MW of power.

Nest has unlimited budget, large workforce, and nothing. Oops!

The strike is over for Verizon and the lesson for the C-Suite: we can't get rid of wireline and unions fast enough.

ADTRAN launched hardware-as-a-service, a subscription service for MSPs to offer hardware to clients without leasing -- or another way to say that the leasing is built into a subscription service.

The Allied Fiber assets in the Southeast are up for auction under bankruptcy court approval. [source]

Rest assured, another prediction says the same thing that the other predictions said: VoIP Market Set for Steady Growth.

Want an example of Innovation? Zappos re-designs the shoe box!

CNBC list of Top 50 Disruptors

Mid-year channel trends HERE (site is hard to read with banners, pops, etc., but aren't they all getting that way?!)

Dean Bubley asks, "So uncomfortable Q for 5G designers & stds bodies: can critical-comms 5G really yield enough rev/profit to justify much expenditure/effort?" Follow up with this piece on 5G Vision. In short, is there enough revenue to build out yet another network (voice, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G)?

Now softswitch vendors are service providers, competing with their customers and making it easier for new entrants into the already bloody ocean of Hosted VoIP. Broadsoft BroadCloud; GenBand Nuvia; Alianza Cloud Voice Platform; and Metaswitch MetaSphere Cloud Services [see here and here]

RETAIL: Sears, J C Penney - 30 Companies That Might Disappear In 2017 Based On Altman Z

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