Attention is Money

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Attention is Money

At yet another channel conference, the gold is Attention. How do you get Attention.

All anyone is fighting for right now is attention. And I mean Fighting.

Look at me. Look at me. (It just amounts to a bunch of NOISE)

Another master agent. Another data center. Oh, geez, another UCaaS player. And this one is yammering about SD-WAN.

Everyone wants attention. But they want it now. On their terms. In the most annoying way because they think the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Put your money where your mouth is has turned into a SPIFF war, sometimes in conjunction with a price war.

Wearing bright colors and interrupting people with noise doesn't separate you from the pack. It actually makes you part of the pack.

Get creative! Be Different. Explain the reason you are different.

And remember that this is still a relationship business.

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