Customer Segmentation

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Customer Segmentation

"Most businesses, whether B2B or B2C, don't cater to just one type of customer, even if they do only sell one product or service," writes Pamela Vaughan of HubSpot.

The same messaging to VSB, small and medium business just won't work, especially for UCaaS. The pain points are different. The buyer persona are different. As I have said before: when you say you sell into the 1-500 or 1-1000 employee space, that is several segments of the market.

Seth Godin has an excellent short post about Almost No One buys from you. There are 27 million businesses in the US. If you have 10K business customers, that is 0.037% of the market -- or almost no one.

So when you say "I sell to everyone", you are fooling yourself. You have customers. Profile them. Duplicate them. Engage them.

"We think we're designing and selling to everyone, but that doesn't match reality. It makes no sense at all to dumb down your best work to appeal to the longtime bystander ..." [or the critic or the shopper than doesn't want any of your features or who wants to pay as little as possible]

It isn't about a scatter shot approach to sales and marketing. It is about being an archer or a sniper.

Fiber network operators and fixed wireless providers know this better than other service providers because you can't sell what the fiber or tower don't touch. However, it is a lesson that CLECs never wanted to learn.

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