Telecom Tidbits #2447

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Telecom Tidbits #2447

CenturyLink sold its data center business (57 sites) to a consortium of PE firms fronted by Medina Capital Advisors for $2.3B end of last year. Details were sketchy for agents who had clients in those data centers. And we are still waiting. At least now we know that the spin-off will do business as Cyxtera. [Colorado Buyer Inc. d/b/a Cyxtera Technologies].

Level3 CEO and President Jeff Storey is poised to get a huge prize for selling the company off. Isn't that great? For him, yes. He gets a "$1.2 million bonus after the Broomfield-based telecom's $24 billion acquisition by CenturyLink Inc. closes. In addition to the $1.2 million bonus payout, Storey is slated to receive an accelerated stock grant worth $3 million after the transaction with Monroe, Louisiana-based CenturyLink." Agents, meanwhile, get to wonder what happens post merger. How messed up will the networks be? How convoluted will ordering and quoting be?

After both Transbeam and NITEL announced that they are adding SD-WAN, MegaPath launches SD-WAN aimed at the SMB. That is the same place that SimpleWAN plays. SimpleWAN is up for the 2017 Venture Madness business competition in Arizona.

Velocloud raised a series D round for $35M. Many startups will look at this (and the SNAP IPO yesterday at $26B) and think that doing a startup is like buying a lottery ticket. In a sense it is, but building a business -- even to sell it quick -- still requires hard work, execution of an idea AND a plan, and sales. Velocloud is signing up partner providers faster than a PR firm can add them, but that doesn't result in meaningful sales for a long while!

You can learn from failure. #startup stories.

In the heat of SD-WAN, I wonder if people realize how shaky Cisco (and other router manufacturers like Juniper and ADTRAN) are? The SD-WAN white box is not a Cisco. It is an OEM that can be a router, a firewall, an access point, a Cradlepoint, darn near anything because we just push the software update to the box and either install the card/WIC or activate the card/WIC. The white box is replacing the traditional gear. Cisco and ADTRAN are in the box business. So are VARs. What happens next? Pay close attention - it will be a lot like the PBX Business, but decline a little faster.

Satellite ISPs OneWeb and Intelsat are merging. Consolidation in every sector of the ISP market - MSO, ILEC and now sateliite.

Verizon wins top honors from Frost & Sullivan for capturing more than a quarter of the North American VoIP and SIP Trunking Services Market.

CenturyLink makes changes to its Alliances and Strategic Partnerships programs.

In the EarthLink-Windstream merger, the ELNK channel chief, Olen Scott. emerges as the new channel head. "Jason Dishon, Windstream's former channel chief, has left the company to pursue other opportunities." It is a constant state of musical chairs in telecom.

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