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Recently on LinkedIn and twitter, home for the haters, there has been noise about the death of PBX. Toshiba and Avaya certainly give credence to that thought. However, analyst research demonstrates that PBX seats still outpace Cloud seat sales. That gets muddied by MITEL's numbers for "cloud" seats (3 million) and Broadsoft's numbers for both "cloud" and "UC". A SIP trunk is not a seat or cloud in my book.

I know we are facing TDM sunset but from the looks of advertising from the likes of Birch and Bullseye, POTS is still alive and well - and profitable! POTS is still the reliable choice when it comes to voice lines for alarms, elevators and faxes.

For many scenarios, an on-premise PBX makes more sense than a haphazardly deployed Hosted VoIP scenario. Many a small business replaces POTS with SIP trunks to get mileage out of their aged key system. Switching to a new cloud PBX is not a viable option for some small offices because they don't want to change behavior. Hosted VoIP does a poor job on key system emulation despite years of partners selling it and providers trying to deliver it. It is one big face palm.

If PBX were indeed dead, wouldn't one of the leading UC companies have 1 million seats by now? Instead they are struggling to get to 700K seats.

The problem with UC is that it is mass market and it would be better off verticalized.

It would be better for all if Broadsoft wasn't competing directly with its own customers by selling direct to users at $15 per seat. That smells of desperation.

Someone asked me what I meant by that. Broadsoft selling direct cuts out their 400+ clients - like Vonage, TPX & Nextiva. Now these providers have to face price compression from their vendor. It's like ISPs and CLEcs who buy wholesale from ILECs and cablecos only to see retail rates are cheaper than their wholesale rates. Isn't that a crock?

BSFT can't add any more clients because every carrier on the planet has already picked a softswitch - BSFT, Meta, Netsapiens, or home brew. The only way to maintain revenue is to sell direct. BSFT isn't exactly raising the ocean or expanding the pie. They are just taking a big bite from the pie that their clients have been baking for 10+ years. Sure, everyone says that cloud comms is starting to take off; that it is hitting high adoption, but is it the UC we have seen or a bunch of variety?

Office 365, Cisco Spark, Dialpad, One Talk, Fuze, Shoretel, 8x8, RingCentral, Grasshopper, Mitel, Avaya, Jive, Intelepeer <- that is a lot of variety under the UC umbrella. With 2000+ providers of some form of UC in the US, even with an accelerated pace of adoption by users, will there be a clear winner soon? Probably not.

In fact, all these choices without a clear winner probably helps Microsoft more than anyone. When in doubt buy from the established.

There are factors: it isn't a replacement system so much as a change. Extra gear is required (POE switches, QoS Router). It isn't as reliable as POTS - and can't be used in all places POTS was. The call quality is often not clear (unless you put it up against cell phones). (It's why they are touting SD-WAN for UC). It isn't cheaper than POTS in many cases. The deployments are often messy. (Providers can barely turn up Internet Access without issues let alone something complicated like Hosted PBX.)

And finally it doesn't pay much in commissions. At $15 per seat and even a 20 seat deal, the MRR is $300. That is a big headache for $300 in billing revenue. Easier, faster and better to sell network still. Or POTS. Or on-premise PBX with higher compensation. 3CX has been doing everything to make a partner's business model sing.

This isn't me being a Pessimist. This is me being a Realist. This is just how it is in the street in many places.

I don't hear anyone hawking white glove service or money back guarantee or no headache install. I hear the talk of zero touch deployment. That's the wrong way to go except for the CFO who wants to maximize profit per contract. Customer experience is someone else's domain.

I don't hear anyone talking about their call quality, their customer experience, their hand holding on deployment, their world class PMO. These are better things to talk about than price and features.

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