A Stimulating Valentine's Day Meal

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A Stimulating Valentine's Day Meal

I cook seriously five or six days during the year. Valentine's Day is one of those days.  The theme of the evening was to have the color red in each dish. The menu consisted of two appetizers, crab claws with tartar and remoulade sauces (both made by yours truly), a mild goat cheese topped with toasted pine nuts and wild flower honey sprinkled with sweet paprika (red). The salad consisted of mixed greens top with chopped sundried tomatoes, dried cherries and toasted walnuts. The salad was tossed in extra virgin olive oil and drizzled ever so lightly with a 12-year-old balsamic vinegar and blood orange gastrique. That was followed by a Lobster potato and leek soup garnished with crème fraiche and salmon caviar. The entrée was lasagna sprinkle with a red Hawaiian sea salt and the dessert was a cherry and chocolate tart garnished with cherry flavored mascarpone cheese.  Okay, so it took a week to conceive and all day to prepare, but it was worth it. I decided to let my guests choose which item would be today's recipe. The lasagna was selected but here I am at work without my notes. I'll have to give it to you on Wednesday. I thought the soup was the best item and I have that in head (fewer ingredients). So for today, please enjoy Lobster potato and leek soup. Lasagna will follow on Wednesday. Combine the above with candlelight and great wine and you have a very romantic evening. Enjoy!

While we watch the Stimulus Bill successful close in Washington, two things are worth noting for our industry. Money was included to expand/hasten the delivery of broadband to rural areas and it appears we may have an indication of desire for more competition in the IP communications space with the removal of specific tax credits. The tax credits would have favored Verizon and AT&T over other carriers. Perhaps, the removal is a signal from the Obama administration as to their views on how to improve our communications infrastructure without diminishing competition, more than likely though it was pushed and then change by members of the House. The Administration would do well for us by selecting a permanent head of the FCC and filling the open seats.  Perhaps that should have been one of our Valentine's Day wishes.

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