Roasted Beets and Net Neutrality are on the Menu

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Roasted Beets and Net Neutrality are on the Menu

Interesting weekend for food. I went into Saturday with no ideas on what to eat. However, my wife had this roasted beet salad she wanted me to make and after a bit of grumbling I agreed to do so.  Why the grumbling? All of us remember the beets from a can we were served as children. They were gross.  Nothing was good about them. Think about the flavor, texture and strange juice. If you ate them, it was very quick and followed by something good to wash them down. I was leaning towards finally sharing my southern fried chicken recipe, but alas, the Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese won.

The flavor of a freshly roasted beet is so different from that childhood memory. Beets are sweet but not sickly so. I will warn you that the beet coloring will attempt to stain your fingers. You can wear plastic gloves to remove the skins or use a plastic bag. I decided to just use my fingers and rinse them off every  minute or so. It worked well and my fingers do not look like I voted in Iraq today.

I selected a mild goat cheese but the salad can easily handle stronger cheeses including blue or Roquefort. Speaking of Roquefort Cheeses, you may want to enjoy them as soon as you can. In retaliation for France banning hormone laden American beef the last administration imposed a tax increase of 300% on Roquefort Cheese. Buy it quickly before the price goes up. Let's also hope the new administration reverses the tax.

Net Neutrality and the Obama Telecom Policy Roadmap

Analyst Blair Levin, co-lead of Obama's technology and innovation team with Julius Genachowski, wrote in a research note that the administration will focus telecom policy on "Internet/edge" service providers versus traditional telephone companies.

Levin wrote that net neutrality will also emerge as an issue for wireless networks.

"(There is a) consensus emerging that disputes about whether a wireline network management tool is 'reasonable' (or is actually blocking or degrading traffic) to be resolved on a case-by-case basis," Levin wrote.

Levin identified Privacy as the biggest "sleeper" issue. With money included it the stimulus package to assist the healthcare industry to move from paper to digital storage, growing behavioral advertising and cloud computing, privacy disputes will land at the feet of the FCC and courts.

Implementing the roadmap will be the FCC Chairman, Federal CIO and, yet to be named, CTO.

We will know more soon...See you on Wednesday!


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