What was the buzz at IT Expo?

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What was the buzz at IT Expo?

In reviewing the sessions and talking to many of the exhibitors, it was impossible to say what was on the minds of the attendees. With regard to TMC and the event organizers, it was a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It was all things IP. Therefore, I guess the better direction for this blog is to discuss what I got out of the show.

First, the Internet service providers were out in full force. I believe I saw more ITSPs than ever exhibiting, speaking and attending the event. In addition to those that saw the Broadvox presentations and heard our comments, the number stopping by the booth was also higher than usual. We were well prepared with representatives from both our retail and wholesale groups to respond to queries for service or partnerships. I also found it interesting that all of the carriers mentioned SIP Trunking as part of their offerings.That was definitely not the case a couple of years ago.

Second, new technologies were garnering good floor and session attendance. Improved faxing using SIP products were in several booths. Also, on display were the less than $100 HD voice phones, several telepresence products and a few more hosted IP PBX offerings. Most of the technology I've discussed in previous blogs but I do think it may soon be time to devote a few paragraphs to the FAX over IP products.

Third, although not new and perhaps more of a brief annoyance rather than a buzz is the ongoing complaint about the loss of agent revenue as customers switch from PRIs to SIP Trunks. It is a reality of the changing telecommunications environment, that commission for SIP Trunks is less than that for PRIs. Given a SIP Trunk cost as much as 70% less, it only follows that the recurring commission will be less.  However, deciding not to sell or represent SIP Trunks to customers will mean the loss of all of the revenue. The market is moving to VoIP/SIP Trunking and there is little that disgruntled agents can do. Others suggest and I agree that adding a project management role to their portfolios, where they can represent a VAR/dealer selling and installing the hardware AND the carrier providing the telecom and data services, would be a good thing.

Ending on a personal note is something I will rarely do. However, today is my 25th wedding anniversary. It is quite an accomplishment to make 25 years in a marriage. So, I did leave the show early in order to get home in time for dinner, a small concession to an important day.

See you on Monday with more on food and IP technology. Enjoy!

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