What will be the Buzz?

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What will be the Buzz?

I am attending IT Expo in Miami this week and participating in three panel discussions. I know mostly what I will be talking about but I wonder what will be the leading topics of the show. Last year Nortel, SIP, Apple and a few other items drove the two shows. It will be interesting to see what will drive this show.

What then am I focused on for 2010?

1.       Selling SIP Trunks - in addition to being our primary retail product, it simply makes sense in a difficult economy to sell a product that reduces business expenses, improves productivity and positions the company to take advantage of future real time telecom applications.

2.       The FCC - two topics remain at top of mind. How will net neutrality be defined and new rules established in 2010? Second is USF. Will the rules change on who has to pay? Will the way the money is allocated be impacted? With the Democrats in charge, can the FCC avoid the Yen/Yang of political thought?

3.       Is this the year of Video Conferencing or will telecommuting workers insist on being able to work in less than business casual attire?

4.       Broadband, Broadband, Broadband

5.       Competition and Market shapers - who will have the greater impact? Will it be AT&T, Verizon, Google or Cisco? Will the action assist us in growing market share such as Avaya's announcement regarding Nortel? They are moving more strongly towards SIP related products. That accelerates market adoption and growth, which is good for Broadvox. Will it be Google Voice, which has the potential to devalue our offering accelerating the need to expand and develop new peering relationships?

These and more will be what I will evaluate over the next few days.

More on Friday.

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