On the Hunt for Good Food and IP Services

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On the Hunt for Good Food and IP Services

This weekend was a bit out of the norm for me as I decided it had been some months since I researched some local eateries. The result of this is that I usually do not cook when conducting such research. However, this weekend was an exception as I both found a new dish and made one of my standards. First on Friday, we tried the new Dominoes pizza. It was much better than what I remembered from my college days but not as good as the two independent pizzerias that I frequent. The pizza was good, just not good enough. On Saturday, I wanted to have a good burger and BBQ. I went to chain called Bone Daddy's House of Smoke. I ordered an all too forgettable appetizer called a tailpipe. Its only claim to fame is that it is deep-fried. I did get a wonderful burger and my wife had a very good chicken-fried steak. I also ordered a half pound of the brisket and baby-back ribs (hey, you don't eat it all and this is research!). The brisket was nicely seasoned and smoked, albeit a touch over cooked. The ribs were a disappointment. They were barely smoked, mushy and too readily fell off the bone. A good rib should be smoked similarly to the brisket and pull cleanly away from the bone but can be bitten through while maintaining contact with the bone. The ribs were just a mess. We did enjoy the sides, lightly seasoned French fries, beans, and corn off the cob. Finally, I stopped at a Mexican grocery on the way home, El Rancho, and got a half order of Pollo Asado. Pollo Asado is a butterflied chicken marinated and grilled. It came with roasted onions, grilled jalapeƱos, beans and rice. The food here is intended for Mexican families and is simply prepared. On a previous visit, I ordered an assortment of tacos, which were very good. However, the Pollo Asado was well seasoned, cooked perfectly and a taste sensation. I was quite impressed. Finally, on Sunday, we had an Indian feast. I purchased a potato Samosa, Paratha and Chapati bread. Previously I had prepared a Green Curry with Chicken, Shrimp Curry and Potato and Spinach with turmeric, paneer cheese and spices. I made a quick vindaloo (using pork instead of lamb or beef) to round out the assortment. The meal was excellent! So what dish made it as the recipe of the week? I was supremely surprised by the Pollo Asado. It is easy to make and will be great addition to your assortment of chicken recipes. You can also surprise your family and friends by making an authentic Mexican street food. Remember to accompany it with my favorite sides, Guacamole, Tomato and Onion Salsa and Grilled Vegetable Salsa.  Pollo Asado, the surprise and recipe of the week!

I intend to spend this week looking at the offerings of AT&T and Verizon for IP services and VoIP. The blog was bit long as I had a lot of food to cover. I'll discuss AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS and others during the course of the week. My focus will be on the business applications as they are the ones competing with the Broadvox VoIP/SIP Trunking offering.

See you then...

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