Pulled Plug and Pork

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Pulled Plug and Pork

The weekend was a short one with me having to travel on Sunday. I considered not having a recipe this morning but that would have been wrong. Friday night we had Chinese takeout. Surprise! Yes sometimes we order in. Saturday, I smoked salmon, chicken, bacon and a pork butt. If you think you can only get great pulled pork at a barbeque joint, you are wrong. All you need is a smoker, good rub, and patience. It takes all day to make so start early in the morning if preparing for dinner. At 225oF to 250oF, the butt will take 8 -10 hours to cook. The recipe is very simple and very easy to make with great results. We like our butt both with the simple rub and after cooking mixed with vinegar and hot sauce (Carolina style). Pulled Pork is the recipe of the week. Enjoy!

The Internet is Off

As I noted last week, governments view the Internet as both an instrument of commerce and information flow and as an enemy of the state during times of turmoil. Egypt pulled the plug on the Internet last Friday and has not restored service. It is attempting to control the flow of information and disrupt the ability of mostly peaceful protestors from communicating and assembling. I know Lieberman and Collins believe their bill “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act” is a good thing. I do not. The law can be misused and it is too loose in its definitions. At no time, should we voluntarily give up our rights to free speech and the ability to peacefully confront our government. It may come as a surprise to some that there already exists a law giving the government extraordinary power over our communications. The 1934 law that created the FCC establishes that in wartime, or during a state of public peril, disaster, or other national emergency, the president may “authorize the use or control of any…station or device.” To some this is enough to give the president control over resources (servers, routers and databases) that make up the Internet.

We can agree or disagree that is the case. However, we should all agree that additional power should come with restrictions and review. Oversight and openness is a must for true freedom. As we expand the use of the Internet to commercial purposes, VoIP, Unified Communications, presence, instant messaging, interactive real time operations and business support systems, and eCommerce, we cannot casually, without debate, hand the reins over to our elected officials. This is not about silencing Facebook and YouTube. This is about potentially silencing your business and you.

IT Expo on Wednesday…

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