What Would I Do #IfIHadGlass?

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What Would I Do #IfIHadGlass?

You may remember Google’s infamous skydiving demo last year to introduce Project Glass, Google’s wearable smart glasses that users wear while relevant information pulled from the Internet is displayed on the screen of the eyewear.

Now, the company is looking for Glass Explorers to test and shape the future of Glass. Using Google+ or Twitter, Google wants users to write what they would do if they had Glass with the hashtag #ifihadglass. Even just reading about the different ideas people have for putting this technology to use is pretty cool – whether you think they look ridiculous or not, it is about to change a lot about how we share things.

The hashtag inevitably turned into an opportunity for people to make fun of the glasses, but it is pulling in hundreds of tweets nonetheless. #IfIHadGlass I would just love to show people my perspective. Would probably end up walking into a pole trying to walk and talk to Glass.

The contest is running until Feb. 27, and Google will reach out to certain individuals to become a Glass Explorer and buy a Glass Explorer Edition for $1500 plus tax and attend a “special pick-up experience.”

Popular tweets include:

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