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Aspect Strikes Bluenote

July 9, 2008

Aspect continues its steady march to be a major player in unified communications, particularly in the contact center space. (TMC's Rich Tehrani covered the Aspect and UC angle in an earlier post.)   Today the company announced the acquisition of Tewksbury, Mass-based BlueNote Networks.   Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.   Leveraging BlueNote's technology, Aspect customers will now be able to extend SIP-based voice, video and other real-time interactive communication services to enterprise users as an integral part of a service oriented architecture (SOA).   According to the release announcing the acquisition:   By combining the features of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) with Web services, organizations will be able to drive innovation in the contact center and across the enterprise while radically lowering the cost and complexity of their voice, video and data services. Specifically, Aspect customers and prospects will now be able to:   ·        Quickly and easily incorporate SIP-based interactive multichannel communications into their contact centers and internal and customer-facing business processes using industry-standard interfaces and technology.   ·        Leverage existing IT and telephony application investments and development resources to build and deploy communications-enabled business applications and lay the foundation for enabling globally-reachable communication services and integrated workflow applications.   Today's acquisition reminds me of another similar situation. Nearly one year ago, NEC acquired Sphere Communications, essentially for their SOA technology.

Google Docs Service Takes a Brief Nap

July 9, 2008

Rich has a blog post touching on the Google Docs outage and he asks if the advantages of such cloud computing apps outweigh the potential disadvantages:   ...the cost savings of using such services is compelling but when you have a noon deadline today for a million dollar order and you can't access your spreadsheet for 2 hours, are you really saving money?   The Google Docs outage reportedly lasted approximately 45 minutes, but it is indicative of the possibility for longer outages in the future.  

  The outage also reminds people that when they trust the cloud for all their data, other things can go awry as well. There are security issues, accessibility issues, reliability challenges, etc...   Still the promise of cloud computing is huge, and I believe outages like this one -- while they might scare off some potential new users from signing up this week-- will serve the greater good as the developers go back to the table, figure out what went wrong, and redesign their solutions to prevent future outages (or at least enable faster resumption of services) to the extent possible.

ResponsePoint in the Headlines

July 8, 2008

Telanetix in VoIP Deal With Costco

July 8, 2008

Location, location, location. We've all hear that adage before. If you want to sell a product or service you need to be where the customers are. And Telanetix, which has just announced the availability of a new VoIP offering in conjunction with Costco Wholesale, believes the customers they seek frequent the big box retailer.

Sangoma Acquires Paraxip

July 7, 2008

Sangoma Technologies has just announced that it will acquire Paraxip Technologies Inc. for $4.8 million, payable as $1.9 million in cash and 2.3 million Sangoma common shares.

Paraxip develops IP connectivity software designed to empower the deployment of IP Telephony applications. Customers include IBM, Genesys (a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent), First Data Corporation, and the State of California.

The integration of Paraxip's SIP-based NetBorder suite into Sangoma's product line provides Sangoma with a growth path that includes the Unified Communications market, IP contact centers, commercial interactive voice response solutions and other SIP-based telephony markets.

Sangoma's Open Source Contest

July 7, 2008

Updated WiMAX Stats Released

July 7, 2008

According to the latest WiMAXCounts Quarterly Report from Maravedis, the global BWA/WiMAX subscriber base increased by 260,246 in the first quarter of 2008, reaching a total of 1,988,246 subscribers

"Even with an increase of more than 19% in WiMAX subscribers in the first quarter of 2008, operators are still waiting for the tipping point that will lead to acceleration of WiMAX adoption and deployments," said Adlane Fellah, CEO and founder of Maravedis. "The key factors mainly center on certification of mobile WiMAX equipment, a reduction in CPE pricing and the emergence of a device ecosystem."

Among the report's key findings:
• 65% of Operators are already commercial, 14% are trialing, 9% are planning their launch, 10% have idle spectrum and 2% have returned/lost spectrum.
• Clearwire USA remains the top operator in number of subscribers, with an estimated 443,000 subscribers in the United States at the end of Q1 2008, an increase of 12.5% compared to the 394,000 subscribers reported in Q4 2007.
• The split by subscriber type among WiMAXCounts operators was 65% residential and 35% business.
• Motorola remains the leader in equipment deployed for both BWA/WiMAX CPEs.

Patch That Browser!

July 2, 2008

According to a study published this week by researchers at The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Google and IBM Internet Security Services, Internet surfers as a group are complacent when it comes to updating their browsers to the latest available versions.

Just over 59% of us use fully patched, up-to-date browsers.

Of course this invites hackers and other ne'er do wells to potentially exploit the outdated browsers and, well, frankly that's not a good thing.

The authors of the research study, titled: Understanding the Web browser Threat: Examination Of Vulnerable Online Web Browser Populations And The "Insecurity Iceberg" propose that computer software be treated more like perishable goods such as food, complete with warnings, expiration dates, and a clear listing of missing plug-ins and patches.

ATT Offers iPhone Sans Service Agreement

July 1, 2008

Has AT&T seen the light? Will it offer what is arguably the hottest gadget around -- the iPhone -- without a service agreement?


For a nominal service charge.

The two new iPhones (8MB and 16MB versions) go on sale next Friday (July 11) for $199 and $299, with two-year AT&T contracts.

WiFi Heads Out to Sea

June 25, 2008

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