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September 2004

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Artisoft to Acquire Vertical

September 28, 2004

And the acquisitions keep piling up!

Artisoft, Inc., announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire privately held Vertical Networks, Inc. Vertical Networks makes distributed IP-PBX software and communications solutions for large enterprises. With the acquisition, Artisoft is looking to increase its customer base and market, including the addition of several large enterprise customers in the retail, financial services, and healthcare verticals, as well as expand the breadth and scope of its technology and product offerings to include distributed enterprise solutions.

Skype At Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO

September 27, 2004

Niklas Zennström, CEO and co-founder of Skype, will address the audience at Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO in Los Angeles on October 6. Mr. Zennström will present via videoconference from London, England. There’s still time to register to attend the event. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear a keynote address from one of the more interesting personalities in the VoIP space.

Packet8 on

September 27, 2004

Building on recent distributions deals with Ingram Micro and Navarre, Packet8 has announced that Internet shoppers can now find Packet8 VoIP products and services online at

The Packet8 offerings currently featured at include the recently introduced DV326 Broadband VideoPhone, which is designed to work like a regular telephone and delivers video calls over a high-speed Internet connection, and the DTA Broadband Phone Adapter, which is designed to allow a regular phone to make and receive calls worldwide over the Internet, with accompanying VoIP service plans.

Both Packet8 offerings at are accompanied by special promotional incentives including a mail-in rebate on the DTA adapter of $60 until along with free activation and two months of free service and a $200 mail-in rebate on one Packet8 VideoPhone, $500 mail in rebate for two, along with free activations and one free month of service.

Weekend recap: The Mets won 2 out of 3 from the Cubbies this weekend, unfortunately, the home team decided to lose in front of me.

Autumn, and the road keeps rolling...

September 24, 2004

Autumn officially arrived this past Wednesday. I love autumn in New York. There's something special about the added chill in the air, as September turns to October, and the year-in, year-out spectacle of autumn baseball in NY. I'm a lifelong Mets fan, and yet I'm not one of those "anybody but the Yankees" Mets fan. I love my home town, and the fact that we have two major league baseball teams makes this place that much better.

Report Cites Strong Growth for SBC Market

September 23, 2004

Frost & Sullivan has released a report covering the World Session Border Controller Market. Prepared by Jon Arnold, program leader, VoIP Equipment at Frost, the report defines what Session Border Controllers (SBC) are, why they are important, and outlines a market forecast pegging the growth of the market at a rate of nearly 60% by 2008.

The report details a complex vendor landscape, and Frost expects the market to continue to evolve significantly over the next 2–3 years. Arnold profiles 12 SBC vendors, and has created a unique strategic matrix that plots the market positioning for 18 vendors based on their function set and markets served.

Toshiba Launches Business IP Phones

September 23, 2004

Toshiba has announced the launch of its new generation family of IP business telephones, in advance of the introduction of its first native IP telephony system, the new Strata CIX business communications system. The company will debut the CIX at the upcoming Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO being held in Los Angeles this October 4-7.

Compatible with Toshiba’s Strata CTX and Strata CIX business communications systems, the Toshiba IPT2010-SD and IPT2020-SD telephones are now available.

Toshiba’s IPT2010-SD and IPT2020-SD are 10 and 20-button telephones, respectively, with two-line by 24 character displays.

Nokia Bridges VoIP, POTS

September 22, 2004

Often overlooked in favor of the flashier cellular handset side of the family, Nokia’s network division has announced some interesting news at the Broadband World Forum in Venice, Italy. Nokia has launched a new solution for broadband operators, which — according to the company — will enable VoIP services to be combined with broadband. The Nokia Voice solution brings POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) compatibility to the Nokia D500 IP DSLAM, connecting traditional voice connections to a packet-based network.

The D500 supports SIP and provides the QoS features for connectivity with WLAN-enabled terminals and PCs.

AT&T Launches VoIP Partner Program

September 21, 2004

AT&T is launching an Innovation & Interoperability program aimed at enabling its partners to build products and design services that will be compatible with AT&T’s VoIP portfolio.

Charter Members of the program include chip manufacturers Broadcom, Centillium, Intel and Texas Instruments; CPE vendors D-Link, Linksys, and NETGEAR; IP PBX makers Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Nortel Networks, and Siemens, and softswitch/gateway provider Sonus Networks.

This alliance program will allow AT&T tremendous access to and partnership opportunities with the IP telephony industry’s leading equipment and development platform companies. The move is clearly aimed at solidifying AT&T’s offering and driving AT&T-branded VoIP services into the mainstream.

Ford Selects SBC VoIP

September 21, 2004

Ford Motor Company has selected SBC to design, implement, and manage an advanced IP telephony network comprised mainly of Cisco gear.

The solution is designed to converge Ford's disparate communications networks into a single IP-based network, carrying voice, video and data. SBC will deploy a customized solution based on their PremierSERV IP Telephony Advantage platform, using the Cisco’s IP Communications system. The network will include approximately 50,000 Cisco IP telephones, rolled out to users in 110 Ford facilities in southeast Michigan over three years. SBC engineers will work at Ford's Dearborn data center to manage the service on an ongoing basis.

Read the full press release here

VoIP Provider Extends Global Reach

September 21, 2004

If you find yourself living and studying abroad, learning to stir sauces in Provence, or stirring watercolors for your Art class in Florence, you understand that culture is so much easier to come by than cold hard cash. A student is a student, and more often than not, they’re just as strapped for Euros as they are for dollars. Well, a new service from Lingo may be just the ticket to staying in touch with your family. I mean, why spend all of your parents’ money on calling home to ask for more money?

Tekelec Acquires VocalData

September 20, 2004

Tekelec just announced that it has acquired VocalData, Inc., a provider of hosted IP Telephony applications.

Tekelec purchased 100 percent of VocalData's outstanding stock for approximately $27.5 million, consisting of $14.5 million of cash and approximately 780,000 shares of Tekelec common stock, or $13.0 million, based on today's closing price. VocalData will be integrated into Tekelec's Next-Generation Switching business unit.

VocalData, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a North American market share leader in IP Centrex, accounting for 44 percent of all IP Centrex lines deployed at the end of 2003, based on 2003 IP Centrex NA line shipments reported in a recent Frost & Sullivan study.

Report Pegs VoIP to 40% of business lines by '09

September 20, 2004

According to a recent report published by IDATE, a European information and communications technologies consultancy, VoIP will continue to grow rapidly, culminating in 40% of business lines to be operating over IP by 2009.

We’ve all heard the reasoning behind the decision to move from TDM to IP. This is not news:
• a single network to manage;
• lower price of infrastructure;
• lower MAC and maintenance costs; and most importantly,
• the ability to quickly and efficiently create and deploy new services.

But the report does cite the high potential of VoIP, and points out the following overriding trends:

• By 2009 close to 40% of business lines will be IP-based (180 million lines), regardless of the solution used, which will mean the disappearance of close a third of classic analogue and ISDN lines.
• Centrex (hosted) services will generate roughly 4.5 billion EUR in revenues in 2009.
• Revenues generated by calling will drop by close to 50%.

SIP Is In The Air

September 14, 2004

Microsoft and Polycom today announced a joint marketing and development agreement to deliver rich media collaboration solutions. The initial offering, is scheduled for release in late 2004, and will combine the presence and IM capabilities of Microsoft’s Live Communications Server and Windows Messenger with a slew of Polycom's desktop and group video conference systems, IP phones, voice and video bridges; and the conference portal.

The solution will support SIP from infrastructure to the endpoint. Microsoft and Polycom's SIP strategy is designed to deliver a customer solution that combines the benefits of video with voice, instant messaging, applications, business processes, Web services and Web collaboration.

Nortel Announces "Virtual Enterprise"

September 13, 2004

Nortel Networks is announcing new solutions designed to change the way business is conducted, enabling the “Virtual Enterprise” by providing applications geared toward allowing remote, geographically-dispersed workers to function as a collocated, cohesive, and integrated team.

In a pre-briefing for industry press last week, Nortel’s Vickie Marvich-McGovern, director, Enterprise Multimedia Solutions, shared Nortel’s vision and outlined a number of product portfolio enhancements driving the notion of the Virtual Enterprise. “Work is no longer somewhere you go,” she said. “It’s something that goes with you.”

To that end, Nortel Networks is announcing a suite of office tools accessible via the end-user’s computer, regardless of whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or handheld PC.


September 1, 2004

Vonage, the broadband phone company, announced that Office Depot will now sell its IP communications services in over 700 of its stores as well as online.

Last week, rival AT&T announced that their CallVantage service would be available online at and at over 600 Best Buy outlets nationwide.

At this rate, how long will it be before my wife send me out to the local 7-11 store to pick up milk and I come home with a new phone service? (Please, no replies about how most of the phone cards sold over the Qwikie-Mart counter are utilizing VoIP already.)

All kidding aside, this mass marketing of VoIP services bodes well for our industry, as this puts VoIP in the spotlight and gives people an alternative to traditional phone services.

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