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April 2006

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Carriers Spending Big Bucks on Triple Play

April 28, 2006

According to the recent Infonetics survey, Service Provider Plans for IP Triple Play, service providers from the North American, European, and Asia Pacific geographic regions report that on average nearly 40% of their capital expenditures were spent on triple play network equipment in 2005.   The study reports that the majority of service providers in the study plan to further increase capex spending in the next 12 months on IPTV equipment, broadband CPE, broadband aggregation equipment, and voice over broadband equipment, and they expect revenue growth in all areas of triple play services in the next 12 months.   Jeff Heynen, directing analyst at Infonetics Research, said "With nearly 40% of their capex budgets going to triple play service infrastructure, service providers are sending a clear message that the combination of voice, data, and video services is a long-term differentiator for them."   Sample Findings from the Infonetics research include:  
  • The top two drivers for respondent service providers deploying triple play services are:
    • 1) increased broadband revenue per user and
    • 2) new revenue streams
  • 58% of respondents rate vendor interoperability a key technical challenge when rolling out triple play services
  • The most pressing business challenge triple play service providers face is securing broadcast and on-demand video content; acquiring content is also a challenge
  • Though more respondents currently use Cisco for their triple play aggregation, when it comes to unaided brand awareness for triple play infrastructure providers, Alcatel leads Cisco, and Microsoft is third
  Netcentrex is putting together their annual Triple Play Symposium, a three-city roadshow examining how triple play can be deployed to maximize business success. The dates of the Symposium are as follows:  
  • 13th June: Dallas, TX
  • 15th June: Boston, MA
  • 21st June: Paris, France
  If you are a service provider looking to deploy a triple play or quad play strategy, you simply need to attend this symposium in any of the three cities convenient to you.

Visa, Nokia in Mobile Credit Card Payment Trial

April 27, 2006

Visa and Nokia are rolling out a credit card payment pilot system in Malaysia, which would enable consumers to shop and pay using their mobile phones.   This reminds me of some initiatives whereby wireless phones were being used to make purchases from vending machines back in the late 90’s.   The system is based on the Visa Wave smart card technology that uses radio frequencies to eliminate the need to swipe credit cards into a reader. Customers wave cards in front of the reader to make payments, much like the Mobil Speedpass that has become prevalent, at least here in the Northeastern U.S., for speeding gasoline purchases.   Although at today’s prices I’m inclined to stay at the pump as long as possible and get the most “experience for my money.”   During the four-month trial period, 200 Visa Wave cardholders in Malaysia will be given a specially designed Nokia phone that can be used to make payments in 2,500 outlets nationwide that have Visa Wave readers.   If the trial is successful, the phone could be made available for commercial use as early as next year.

Global Warming, Earth Day &... IPTV?

April 18, 2006

So it seems that global warming is responsible for much of what ails us. In fact Global Warming is getting worse and worse every day, and the best thing that we can do about it — aside from selling off our SUVs and moving to a warmer climate — is to go watch Al Gore’s new movie where he tells us that he was once the next president of the United States and that a vast right-wing conspiracy is responsible for the ill effects of carbon…   Or something like that.   Right as they might be — and the science has become so politicized it’s no longer possible to tell who’s right and who’s frankly LESS right — the shrill voices from both sides of the this argument are polarizing the fanatics and losing many people who regardless of their political viewpoints want to leave behind a better planet for their kids to inhabit.   I mean, who actually maintains as a goal on their ‘To-Do’ list to leave this place worse off for future generations?   Let me point out that for whatever reason — humanity-induced global warming or natural warming/cooling cycles of the Earth — I recognize that there is a lot wrong with our planet: We’ve overfished our oceans, polluted our water, misunderstood so much about nature and exacerbated the situation with greed, and so on. Humans are an odd bunch.

Introducing the IP Communications Business Summit

April 17, 2006

TMC and Robins Consulting Group are teaming up on a brand-new initative aimed at bringing together the industry's best and brightest vendors and service providers with investors and members of the media.   I asked Marc Robins, Chief Evangelism Officer at RCG to describe the new entity. Here's what Marc had to say:   Developed as an integral part of the upcoming VoIP Demo show, slated for August 8-10, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, CA, TMC and RCG are partnering on a new event designed to bring members of the financial and investment community together with vendors and service providers developing innovative IP communications products and services.   The IP Communications Business Summit is geared to VCs, investment bankers, financial industry analysts and angel investors interested in evaluating the leading trends and technologies in the IP communications marketplace. In addition, the IP Communications Business Summit will also provide a unique opportunity for attendees to see firsthand demonstrations of industry-leading products and services, meet and network with top executives from IP communications companies seeking investment, and gain invaluable insight from leading independent industry analysts and professionals.

Siemens, Motorola Next to Pair Up?

April 17, 2006

So, over the weekend, a German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (sunday edition) reported that Siemens and Motorola were engaged in talks, one possible result of which is the complete takeover of Siemens COM, the german giant's telecom division.

Certainly the rumor mill has been rife with potential mergers and takeover targets since before the whole Lucent/Alcatel "merger of equals" affair began.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Motorola defintiely brings a wireless pedigree to the relationship, but Siemens Mobile networks division is the leading group at COM.

The paper said a meeting of Siemens' board of supervisors could occur as soon as April 24.

ABI's New Quad Play Report Available

April 12, 2006

Triple play services — bundled offerings of TV, phone and Internet—have proven effective for operators and service providers in reducing customer churn and delivering operational economies. According to a new study from ABI Research, some operators believe that adding a fourth element — wireless — will improve the equation still further.   According to the release announcing the new offering from ABI Research, “In the United States, Sprint Nextel has announced that it will partner with several of the big North American MSOs to offer this ‘quadruple play.’ In the UK, cable operator NTL is buying Virgin Mobile. Verizon is rolling out its FIOS (Fiber Optic Services) and expects that, with a wireless division already part of the company, consolidation of services and networks will be that much easier.”   Michael Arden, Principal Analyst, Broadband and Multimedia at ABI Research, says that in many cases “the marketing of triple or quadruple-play services to customers will precede integration of the networks and their equipment. True network integration takes time.

Netcentrex Announces Second Annual Triple Play Symposium

April 6, 2006

Netcentrex today announced that it is again the lead sponsor for the 2nd Annual Triple Play Symposium.

The Triple Play Symposium, a multi-city event with venues in Dallas, Boston, and Paris, was launched in 2005 as a forum for triple play executives and technologists to learn and share best practices for successful triple play deployments.

Registration details and other information can be found by following this link.

Rick Thompson from Heavy Reading, Light Reading’s market research division, will serve as the host and moderator and provide an overview of the evolving triple/quad play market.

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