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November 2006

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Aberdeen Announces Data Protection Survey

November 30, 2006

AberdeenGroup is undertaking a survey on the “value of Data Protection to control and monitor endpoint security in an organization.”   According to the opening page of the research survey, “Users access, manipulate, download and store sensitive data constantly on their desktops and laptops. The availability of cheap high-capacity portable media, including CD-R disks, USB thumb drives, and firewire hard disks, make unauthorized copying of large amounts of data a trivial task. Even legitimate users can have a laptop stolen or lose a media storage device containing critical data. This second study in Endpoint Security will explore the approaches organizations are using to protect data accessed and stored on the endpoint.”   AberdeenGroup will send a free copy of the final report to those who complete the survey.   The report authors hope to identify  
  • The business and security drivers that press for adoption of endpoint data protection solutions.
  • The types of solutions being adopted to address end-point data protection security risks.
  • The impact of these solutions on risk management and business operations.
  • Key aspects of functionality that technology managers seek in their endpoint data protection solutions.
  In the end, AberdeenGroup believes the successful completion of this research will yield the findings that provide insights into:  
  • The risks to endpoint security.
  • The business and financial impact of these risks.
  • The types of solutions that are in use and the impact these solutions have on increasing security as well as improving operational efficiency.
  • The types of solutions that are being considered to address new risk.
  • The types of solutions that are not being considered to address risk, and why.
  • The technologies and processes that are being used by best in class organizations.
  The research will target an end-user audience including CIOs, CSOs, privacy officers, CTOs, CFOs risk managers, and corporate executives.   To access the Endpoint Security Benchmark Survey Part II: Data Protection simply click here.

IMS Magazine FREE Listing Deadline Extended!

November 28, 2006

As I look over the 2007 IMS Magazine Buyer’s Guide listings that have come in so far, it’s dawned on me that so many of you have not yet submitted your Free Listings.   They’re FREE! What are you waiting for?   Please take a moment and surf on over to   and fill out the company info and select a few categories that best represent what it is that you do.   I promise this will only take a minute.   We’ve extended the deadline until this Friday December 1st.   That’s this Friday! So don’t waste any more time!   And just so you know who among your competition will be listed, I’ve included the list below.   Here they are:   Aastra Telecom Alliance Systems BASiX Automation Integrators, Inc. Bridgewater Systems Brix Networks Cantata Technology CapRock Communications CePOINT Networks, LLC Cistera Networks, Inc. Citrix Systems, Inc. Comarch CommuniGate Systems Convergin CounterPath Solutions Digium Empirix Inc. Encore Networks Engineers' Consulting Group Forum Communications International Gallery IP Telephony GlobalTouch Telecom GlobalTouch Telecom HEADNetworks LLC Highdeal IntelliNet Technologies Intertex Ixia Kontron AG mPhase Technologies OPC Marketing, Inc. OPTICOM GmbH Pactolus Communications Software Redwood Technologies Limited Reef Point Systems Runcom Solegy, LLC Stratus Technologies Sylantro Systems Syndesis TAZZ Networks Tektronix Telenity TeleWare plc TelStrat Toshiba America Information Systems, Telecom Systems Div. Ubiquity Software, Inc. VocalTec Communications Ltd. VoX Communications XConnect XO Communications

FaxCore Adds Fax Management to Microsoft’s SharePoint

November 28, 2006

FaxCore is gearing up to announce a new product designed to add fax management capabilities within Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server. According to the company, the FaxCore SharePoint Connector will integrate with the SharePoint Portal Server, enabling fax indexing through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) — making faxes text-searchable. Previously, faxes on the SharePoint Portal Server could only be viewed as images and not indexed for users to retrieve.   Tom Linhard, Director of Channel Sales for FaxCore, Inc., spoke of the added benefits of this new offering. “In addition to fax indexing,” he said, “this new offering includes the capability to deliver faxes into designated SharePoint Document Libraries, making documents like purchase orders, sales invoices and contracts easily accessible by appropriate personnel.”   Additional features include security and access enhancements, and the ability to keep an audit trail on received faxes.

Patently Silly

November 27, 2006

I saw a recent BusinessWeek article about VoIP and Patents, and I was floored to hear that the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) has reportedly issued 2,049 patents related to VoIP.   Two of the most recent patents issued were to IBM and Intel, for what they are calling a “conversations computing system” and a “digital browser phone” respectively.   Is it just me or did nobody else have the foresight to patent the process of placing calls over the Internet before now? The list of companies that make calls over the Internet is huge, and while 85 or so VoIP providers are no longer part of the list, it’s still a big list. Maybe one of them should have the right to sue all the others for infringing on their patent? I wonder… And what about VocalTec?

Kagan On T-Mobile

November 27, 2006

Telecom industry analyst Jeff Kagan had a few comments about the T-Mobile news that hit TMCnet today.   In short, T-Mobile is starting to name names, as Ericsson and Nokia have announced that they will be providing T-Mobile with gear for their 3G deployments here in the U.S.   Here’s what Jeff had to say:   This is good news coming from T-Mobile about the future offerings, finally. We have been asking them for years and they have always stayed on the simpler track offering voice, paging and email. Only recently have they decided to join the competitive battle that is being waged by Cingular, Verizon and Sprint.   Traditionally T-Mobile service costs less, but their offerings were less, and their network reach was less. This has not hurt them since they focused on the customers they could serve well.

Ericsson to Shed 400 Jobs in Sweden

November 27, 2006

News out of Stockholm today has it that Ericsson will cut up to 400 administrative and sales jobs in Sweden, but many workers will be offered positions with staffing company Manpower, Inc.   The offer will be presented to about 4,600 workers in sales, marketing and administration, most of them in the Stockholm area. The restructuring should be completed by the end of January.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!   It’s hard to believe we’re knocking on December’s door already.   Here’s wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. -gg

TelX Sold to GI Partners

November 22, 2006

Just got word of the sale of telx   telx is a privately-owned operator of so-called “meet-me-room” network interconnection facilities   The firm announced its sale to GI Partners, a trans-Atlantic private equity firm. Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Dialogic Updates SIPcontrol Software

November 21, 2006

Dialogic made headlines today with the release of a new version of its Diva SIPcontrol software.   The new version, when combined with the company’s Diva BRI adapters and Dialogic’s HMP software, is designed to enable software developers to deploy a variety of applications into BRI network environments. According to the announcement, these applications can include, for example, SIP/HMP-based unified messaging, IVR, and contact center applications.   Early last month Eicon announced that it had completed its acquisition of Intel’s Media and Signaling business and that it would be changing its name to Dialogic Corporation.   The Diva product line comes from the Eicon side of the house, and the HMP software has its roots in the Intel product line. Looks like the integration is yielding results already.

Bush OKs Lucent Alcatel Merger

November 20, 2006

Reuters is reporting that President Bush has voiced his approval of an $11.8 Billion merger between Lucent Technologies and Alcatel.   In the interest of assuaging concerns regarding the classified nature of some of the work that Lucent’s Bell Laboratories conducts for the U.S. government, White House spokesman Tony Snow announced that the companies will create a separate division run by Americans to handle sensitive U.S. contracts.   According to the Reuters report, Snow said, “Alcatel and Lucent have agreed with U.S. government agencies to enter into two robust and far-reaching agreements designed to ensure the protection of our national security.”

UTStarcom Receives De-Listing Notice

November 16, 2006

I just heard that UTStarcom, Inc., received a notice from the staff of Nasdaq indicating that the Company:   …is not in compliance with Marketplace Rule 4310(c)(14) because it has not timely filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 2006 (the "Form 10-Q"). The notice indicated that due to such noncompliance, the Company's common stock will be delisted at the opening of business on November 27, 2006 unless the Company requests a hearing in accordance with the Nasdaq Marketplace Rules.

Welcome Russell Shaw

November 14, 2006

I’d like to be among the first to welcome Russell Shaw to the TMC blogging community. Russell’s latest blog, RSS - Regulations, Statutes and Services makes its debut today on TMCnet. I’m thrilled to have such a well-known and well-regarded professional join our ranks.   Of course the timing couldn’t be better. The recently concluded election is sure to presage some changes and Russell will be there, reporting and explaining how the shifting political sands will affect the telecom sector’s footing.   The dawn of this new blog on TMCnet is just one example of some the exciting things that are happening here at the site. Over the next weeks and months, you’ll notice more changes, including the addition of more “names you must know” to our roster, as well as some innovative new features making our Web site even better and more valuable to the more than 800,000 visitors we welcome every month.

TalkPlus Beta Launches Today

November 14, 2006

  TalkPlus, the provider of advanced Voice 2.0 services over mobile networks, is launching a limited beta trial today, inviting West Coast mobile subscribers using Cingular, T-Mobile or Sprint to participate in the TalkPlus Sneak Peek, a public trial of the company’s offering, the TalkPlus Number.   According to a company news release, “…with a TalkPlus Number, a mobile phone user can now have a second number for placing and receiving calls on their mobile phone. This provides a more advanced level of control and an additional layer of privacy and separation between their personal and business lives.”   TalkPlus beta participants will get to try out the following features:  
  • Voicemail that can be managed via the mobile phone or via the Web.
  • Call screening (Do-Not-Disturb, White Lists, and Black Lists…)
  • Online Contact Center: This is TalkPlus’ account management interface, where users manage contacts, call screens, and other account details.
Beta participants can sign up for a TalkPlus Number within California or a selection of other major US cities by visiting   Beta participants get a FREE 30 day trial with 250 domestic minutes of TalkPlus service.

Mobile TV Article

November 13, 2006

David King, CTO of LogicaCMG Telecoms wrote an interesting article on the subject of Mobile TV, which was published on TMCnet today.   It’s still uncertain exactly how quickly and to what extent consumers will embrace mobile TV, but in the hands of a savvy marketer, and perhaps timing the launch of a mobile TV service with a compelling event (think World Cup soccer), consumers may yet be enticed to adopt this technology on a grand scale.   I for one would not bet against it.   In any event, check out the article.

Sylantro Systems Intros New President

November 6, 2006

Sylantro Systems will be under new leadership as it continues to grow. Marco Limena, the company’s new president and chief executive officer, brings a wealth of communications industry and business management experience, most recently from his position as vice president of Hewlett Packard’s multi-billion dollar network and service provider solution business unit.   Pete Bonee, now former CEO, has assumed the role of Sylantro’s chairman. Pete was recently named to Internet Telephony magazine’s list of The Top 100 Voices of IP Communications.   Internet Telephony magazine’s Erik Linask has more on the appointment of Marco Limena here.

TMCnet Launches IPTV Channel sponsored by Espial

November 6, 2006

TMCnet’s IPTV Channel launched today. Sponsored by IPTV middleware supplier Espial, the IPTV channel will be a blend of news, white papers, user submitted content and industry insights geared toward educating the marketplace.   Brian Mahony, Espial’s vice president of marketing, had the following to say upon the release of this new forum:   “Any time there is this type of convergence not just of technology and services, but of different players across related industries, there needs to be a place to exchange ideas, comment on the issues of the day, and learn from case studies of successful deployments. Equally important however, is the need for there to be a group of forward-thinking players that will provide thought leadership as the market evolves.   “We at Espial hope the IPTV Channel will foster that thought leadership and be a catalyst to open the debate on IPTV as well as a forum for those serious about making a go of it. This initiative marks the beginning of a long journey that will only come to an end once “ubiquitous IPTV” is a reality— once IP-video over broadband is available regardless of the device or network topology.   “For now the first chapter of this adventure is being written as service providers come to fully grasp the financial and strategic benefits of IPTV, and also the key challenges that must be overcome for wide-scale deployment and user-adoption to happen.

Tektronix to Acquire Minacom

November 6, 2006

Tektronix, Inc., a provider of test, measurement, and monitoring solutions today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Minacom, a provider of active probe test solutions used by telecommunications carriers, cable MSOs, wireless and VoIP providers.   Tektronix will acquire Minacom in an asset purchase for approximately US $27.0M and expects the transaction to close within 30 days. The impact of the acquisition is expected to be immaterial to Tektronix' financial results for the fiscal year. Minacom's 35 employees will become part of Tektronix and the business will continue to be located in Montreal. The new group will become a center of excellence for IP active test within Tektronix.   Congratulations to our good friends Michel, Scott and the rest of the Minacom organization.

Deutsche Bank on Tekelec

November 2, 2006

    Deutsche Bank Securities released a company bulletin of Tekelec today, a company that’s been in the news this morning over the purported potential sell-off of their Switching Solutions Group, which was formed through the acquisitions over the past several years of Santera, Taqua, and VocalData.   TMC’s editorial team is looking into this developing story, but I thought I’d share a bit of what was in the Deutsche Bank report this a.m.   According to the bulletin:   The company announced that they had hired investment bankers and will restructure the unit drastically. This will include the firing of 100 employees and the shutdown of their Plano facility, as well as a significant write-down. In our view, this will likely mean an eventual sale of the business or a shutdown.

You Know You've Made it Big When...

November 1, 2006

Having been in this industry long before the mainstream sat up and took notice of what it is we do, I consider it a feather in our collective cap whenever I see a TV commercial or an ad in a consumer magazine (e.g., People magazine) for a residential VoIP service, or business services and so on…   Obviously we all now know that the the band that does the song that Vonage uses as their jingle is the 5, 6, 7, 8’s.   And if you’ve ever listened to Imus in the Morning, you may have heard the name Packet8.   Well, last night I was watching TV — the regular kind, no IP, no PC, albeit in full HD — and I saw a commercial for a cool-looking triple play bundle, and then a familiar logo came on the screen identifying the service as being offered by none other than the artist formerly known as Ma Bell: AT&T.   TMCnet’s Johanne Torres covers the announcement today of AT&T’s launch of their Homezone service, but here’s a quick recap straight from the keyboards of AT&T’s world-class PR machine:   With AT&T Homezone, the company is the first national telecommunications provider to offer seamlessly integrated video content and TV entertainment to the "digital living room," through both broadband and traditional satellite networks.   AT&T Homezone provides Internet-based video with satellite TV programming in a seamless in-home experience, giving consumers a powerful new way to extend the best of the Internet beyond the desktop to bring entertainment content to their TV screens and stereos. It features digital videorecording, movies on demand, photo- and music-sharing, storage for both, and it whets the anytime/anywhere generation's appetite with remote, Web-based access to the system.   What can I say? I still get a small rush out of seeing mainstream coverage and adoption of the products and services that we’ve been hearing about for years.

TMCnet - Our Place Among the 100 Million Sites

November 1, 2006

Marc Robins posted a blog today pointing out a major milestone in the life of the world wide web.   Marc writes:   A huge milestone was reached this past October, according to Internet monitoring company Netcraft. According to the company, there are now 100 million Web sites with domain names and content on them, with about half that many rated as "active" sites that are updated on a regular basis.   It’s with great pride that I note here for you, dear reader, that, the very site you are looking at right now, is ranked within the top 2,300 sites, according to property   This afternoon we are number 2,297, that is to say we are the 2,297th most popular site in the world OUT OF MORE THAN 100 MILLION.
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