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October 2006

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Zultys Saga Concludes?

October 31, 2006

I received the following message this morning from Iain Milnes, embattled founder of Zultys.   I'm sure TMCnet's Rich Tehrani and Robert Liu will be all over this story today, but for now consider this the latest update in this ongoing saga...   ....   To all suppliers, customers, and partners of Zultys   I am pleased to announce that at the sale of the assets of Zultys on 30 October, Pivot VoIP, Inc. was the successful bidder and will be operating the business moving forward. This should provide assurance to existing customers that as far as possible, business will continue as usual.   The buyer has expressed no interest in retaining the existing management so there will inevitably be some changes in the short term. I founded this company exactly five years ago today so I am sad to be leaving, but I hope that Zultys is in good hands.   If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address at Zultys will still work for a few days.  

Pivot is a newly created entity with financial backing by telecom equipment vendor Telrad Connegy.

Quad Play Webinar Tomorrow

October 18, 2006

TMCnet Associate Editor Patrick Barnard has written an informative article on the promise of quadruple play.   Barnard also points to an upcoming Web seminar on the subject.   And by upcoming, I mean TOMORROW.   To help service providers and IT professionals learn more about how quad play services can be implemented — and successfully launched — TMC and Comverse are broadcasting a special webinar entitled Quad Play as an Enabler of Lifestyle Services, at 11 a.m. (ET), Thursday, Oct. 19, 2006.

ITEXPO Toshiba's Brian Metherell Speaks

October 11, 2006

Brian Metherell, VP and General Manager of Toshiba America Information Systems’ Toshiba Telecommunications Division spoke Tuesday evening on the subject of VoIP Success: Promise vs. Reality.   He began with a story which had three attributes:   It was brief. It was true. It was relevant.   It was at the very beginning of telecom: Alexander Graham Bell was looking to sell the patent for the telephone. So he looked to Western Union for $100,000.They researched it, and got back to Alexander Graham Bell, saying, “this telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered a form of telecommunications. This has no value to us.”   True or not, Methrell noted a similarity with that story and some viewpoints in today’s telecom industry, stating that a decade ago, similar sentiment existed in the upper echelon of telecom companies regarding VoIP.   Switching gears, he asked the audience for a show of hands… How many have heard about VoIP (all hands raised); how many use VoIP at home (most hands remain raised); how many use VoIP in office (fewer hands remain); and who uses VoIP exclusively (the hands all drop).   Metherell cited a dealer survey that Toshiba had done less than a month ago.

ITEXPO Starts Today

October 10, 2006

  Today’s the day. We’re getting set to kick off Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO West 2006 at the San Diego Convention Center here in sunny southern California.   It’s quite an exciting time, and it’s always a fascinating thing to see a trade show get built from the ground up. Yesterday when I arrived at the convention center, the decorator’s troops were just laying the first outlines of tape on the bare concrete floor.   By the time we walk into the Exhibit Hall tomorrow evening at 5:30 pm it will be a different vista that greets attendees.   Today’s conference agenda features some interesting speakers, including keynotes from 8x8’s Bryan Martin, Ditech Networks’ Chalan Aras, and Toshiba’s Brian Metherell. The day will close out with a networking reception for all registered conference attendees.   If you’re still sitting on the fence, let me assure you, this is THE event of the season.
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