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August 2005

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Report Puts Cisco Ahead of the Pack

August 31, 2005

Worldwide service provider router and switch revenue reached $1.8 billion in the first half of 2005, up 10 percent from the first quarter, and up 24 percent year over year. This comes from Infonetics Research's just-released quarterly report, Service Provider Routers and Switches. The research firm predicts that worldwide annual revenue will reach $8.9 billion by 2008.

Cisco leads the pack in worldwide edge router revenue with 56%, followed by Juniper (21%) and Huawei (9%). Huawei’s sales reportedly more than doubled in the most recent quarter.

ShoreTel Releases New IP PBX; Named Fastest Growing IP PBX Vendor

August 29, 2005

This morning, ShoreTel announced ShoreTel 6, the sixth generation of its distributed IP PBX voice solution. The newest ShoreTel IP PBX features an Office Anywhere feature, which is designed to support mobile users on any device in any location. ShoreTel’s latest offering features integrated software distribution, media encryption, on-net dialing, and increased support of international operations.�  ShoreTel has also delivered two new telephone devices, a low-end IP phone and a 24-button programmable button box for operators and assistants.


In other news, ShoreTel announced today it has been recognized by InfoTech as the fastest growing IP PBX company in the United States.

Interactive Services Would Bolster IPTV

August 19, 2005

Interactive services are the key to IPTV success in the U.S. So says a recent study conducted by Parks Associates. The report tells us that consumers interested in interactive services such as voting on game shows, targeted advertising, and gaming, represent a lucrative early market for IPTV services and applications.

According to IP Video Services: Analysis and Forecast, that group of consumers totals nearly 27 percent of all U.S. households.

This segment, as identified in Parks Associates' multinational study Global Digital Living, is highly receptive to advanced TV services.


August 18, 2005

Wow! � VoIP Acquisitions Continue to Happen. Excel Switching has reportedly just acquired Brooktrout Software.The release (from Brooktrout) is below. I'll have some more insight on this later today.�  On the surface it actually makes sense. There's not too much overlap between the two, and the coverage of enterprise and service provider (for the combined company) makes a great deal of sense. Apparently Brooktrout CEO� Eric Giler will be leaving.

Yahoo! Breaking News! Hot Voip Rumors! (made you look)

August 17, 2005

The worst-kept secret in the industry — that Yahoo! will be diving head-first into VoIP — is the biggest non-news news I’ve heard in a while.

Of course Yahoo! will offer VoIP!

No VoIP, But Horns Aplenty

August 17, 2005

Every once in a while, you come across something so unique, so odd, that you simply have to shae it. Never you mind that this forum is usually reserved for VoIP news, and related banter. A friend of mine sent me a link to some pretty wacky stuff.

The link is definitely PG-rated, but I make no promises and no recommendations regarding anything else you might find on this site, but you absolutely MUST take a look at this French gentleman and his horns.

There's certainly a Gong Show feeling here, or a  talent-show-gone-awry vibe, but you know something? ... This guy's gooooood.

Who knows, maybe this is the next "Numa Numa"?

Surveillance Over IP

August 16, 2005

According to an item forwarded to me by Rich Tehrani, The New York State Unified Court System has apparently deployed a network of more than 350 IP video surveillance cameras. The cameras will monitor New York court facilities statewide and link to a multi-terabyte storage system.

According to, the Court’s MIS gurus see high-bandwidth video as just another stream on the IP network they built several years ago. Also supported is a 10,000-seat IP telephony network and more than 100 IP videoconferencing units.

Even More on VoIP E911 and the FCC

August 15, 2005

I was just speaking with Rich Tehrani about the fact that we both received our stickers from our respective VoIP providers this weekend.

Rich mentioned that he needed more stickers, as AT&T only sent him one sticker, and he has multiple phones. My sticker (from Cablevision) came with instructions to affix it to my�  modem.

Then it dawned on us...

More on VoIP E911 and the FCC

August 15, 2005

I recently moved into a new home and with that move, I decided to take the plunge and switch to Cablevision's VoIP service Optimum Voice. No more Verizon. No more AT&T.�  Of course, the first two weeks were plagued with quality issues. I couldn't believe my luck.�  Here I am the editorial director of the longest running VoIP magazine and after hearing great things from my friends who actually use Cablevision's service, I get the lemon?

FCC VoIP Order: It was only a matter of time

August 15, 2005

Here we go. We all knew it was only a matter of time before the FCC would hear an appeal from one (or some) of the service providers offering VoIP service regarding the E911 order.�  It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Nuvio� today announced that it has filed an appeal of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order requiring VoIP providers to make E911 available to their customers nationwide by the end of the year.�  Because of the looming November 28, 2005 deadline, Nuvio has requested the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to expedite the schedule in the hopes of reaching a decision prior the FCC Order taking effect.

“While we share the Commission’s passion about deploying 911 service, and we have worked diligently to provide our users with 911 access, the 120-day requirement imposed by the FCC is arbitrary and capricious and without support in the record,” commented Jason Talley, president and CEO of Nuvio.�  “In fact, the record clearly shows that wireless companies have been given decades to implement this type of 911 service and are still far from completion”.

“With the filing of our motion for an expedited briefing schedule, we have advised the court that it is imperative that we have a decision by November 7, 2005.�  Absent that, and with the lack of direction currently given by the FCC, we will have no choice but to start suspending some users.�  Our users are primarily small to medium-sized businesses, and we have to be able to notify them in advance of any service interruption,” Talley stated.

TelCove Launches VoIP Service Across 70 Markets

August 15, 2005

This morning, TelCove, a Pittsburgh, PA� facilities-based CLEC, announced the availability of a brand-new VoIP offering. TelCove's Network VoIP Service (TNVS) is available as of today across the entire TelCove network which encompasses over 70 markets, primarily on the East coast of the United States.

Applications include a suite of follow-me services, unified communications functionality, full integration for remote workers/road warriors, and multimedia collaboration apps such as Web conferencing and document sharing.

The new TelCove service is offered at two price points/service levels: Standard Enterprise VoIP Station service and Premium Enterprise VoIP Station service.

Another CLEC Turns To VoIP

August 12, 2005

I just got off the phone with a CLEC that's planning to offer VoIP to its entire customer base starting this Monday.

I'm sworn to secrecy by virtue of the embargo date on the news, but I thought I'd drop that little hint as a way of spreading some positive feeling about our industry going into the weekend.

Check back Monday for more on this latest VoIP offering.

VoIP Developer: Attendees Still Arriving!

August 4, 2005

VoIP Developer Conference is still abuzz. There's an hour and a half left before the Exhibit Hall comes to a close, and the final plenary session Host Media Processing Roundtable begins, and the action at registration is still hopping. Attendees continue to arrive with the hope of seeing the exhibitors before they start packing up.

VoIP Developer Keynote: Digium's Mark Spencer

August 4, 2005

According to Mark Spencer, President of Digium, “Digium is the smallest telecom company in the world that matters.”


As anyone knows, Mark Spencer is not only the president of Digium, he also created Asterisk. For those that may not know, Asterisk is an open source PBX. In Spencer’s words, Asterisk is an “open source, hybrid TDM and packet voice PBX and IVR platform with ACD functionality.”


VoIP Developer Keynote: Intel's Michael Stanford

August 4, 2005

The final day of the 2005 VoIP Developer conference began with keynotes from Michael Stanford, Director, VoIP Strategy, Digital Enterprise Group at Intel and Mark Spencer, President of Digium, which at first glanced may seem an unlikely pair to share a single stage. However beyond the first assumption, it’s clear that both speakers represent equally innovative companies, and that both play an increasingly critical role in future development of VoIP.


Michael Stanford’s presentation, Trends in VoIP Development, was a detailed look into the current and future events shaping our industry.

VoIP Developer Keynote: Avaya's Scott McKechnie

August 3, 2005

The second speaker this morning was Scott McKechnie, Avaya’s director of application enablement services in the converged systems division.


Scott opened with a positive message. “I’m very excited about application enablement. I see a renewed excitement from not only the development community but from our customers who are building their own applications.”


McKechnie spoke of the customer drivers for applications.

VoIP Developer Keynote: Aculab's Mike Donoghue

August 3, 2005

This morning’s keynotes began with a request from Mike Donoghue, Aculab’s vice president of sales (Americas business) for a moment of silence as a show of respect for recent world events.


Mike promptly put on his coach’s hat, and using sports – specifically elite-level track – as an analogy urged the assembled audience to “race to win.”


“We are in a race to be first,” said Donoghue.

VoIP Developer Rick Ringel Keynote

August 3, 2005

The closing remarks last night were delivered by Rick Ringel, distinguished engineer from the technology and product management communications group at Inter-Tel.


Rick began by making the observation that the user doesn’t care about signaling protocols or hardware platforms…users want specific features out of the new network that is being built.


VoIP Developer: Alan Percy Keynote

August 3, 2005

Last night’s first keynote address at the 2005 VoIP Developer’s Conference was delivered by Alan Percy — AudioCodes’ director of business development.

Percy began by asking the audience the simplest of questions, “Why are you here?”
Essentially, the majority agreed that they were here to learn. Percy went on to define learning as the act of gaining knowledge, and pointed out that there are many ways of acquiring that knowledge. In a classroom environment; reading; learning from your peers by sharing perspectives; or attending trade shows like this one.

VoIP Developer Opens to Standing Room Only Crowd!

August 2, 2005

The VoIP Developer Conference is underway!

I just took a peek into the conference sessions, and I can tell you this -- they are indeed well attended. In fact one of the sessions is SRO, or standing room only. If this is a sign of things to come, the next three days are going to be gangbusters.  If you are in the area, you absolutely need to get down here. check out the schedule of events at

VoIP Developer Conference Starts Today

August 2, 2005

It’s very exciting to be here in the South San Francisco Conference Center. Workers are buzzing about, laying the finishing touches on what is gearing up to be an incredible three days of education and information aimed at the VoIP development community.


Alan Percy of AudioCodes and Rick Ringel of Inter-Tel will deliver the keynote addresses this afternoon, and I’ll be moderating a discussion on IMS & Wireline to Wireless convergence.

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