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July 2004

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Like A Band of Gypsies We Roll Down the Highway...

July 30, 2004

Willie Nelson's got nothing on me this summer.

Having spent most of June on the road (for work) and then most of July on the road (splitting time between family vacation and summer scout camp director responsibilities) it's finally August. So how do you think I'm planning to meet month #8? On Sunday August 1st, I'm flying out to San Jose for TMC's inaugural VoIP Developer Conference which starts August 3rd.

VoiceGlo's VoIP Sweepstakes

July 22, 2004

Not to be overshadowed by verizon's entry into the VoIP game, VoiceGlo has announced a promotion whereby users of the VoIP service can be eligible to win (cue announcer voice:) A NEW CAR!!!

Voiceglo is encouraging people to ‘Talk It Up’ with friends and family this summer using Voiceglo’s free Internet phone, the GloPhone, and possibly win a car in the process. The company announced its “Talk It Up Sweepstakes,” the first in a series of four sweepstakes contests Voiceglo will be holding throughout the year, with grand prizes that include the winners’ choice of a PT Cruiser, a Cooper MINI, a Volkswagen Beetle convertible, a Chevy SSR convertible, or a Jeep Wrangler Sport convertible.

The first sweepstakes contest is running now until August 31st, and anyone activating a GloPhone at will automatically be entered into weekly drawings for Apple iPod minis. Additionally, each winner is entered into a drawing to pick the car of their choice.

Verizon VoIP Service Takes Wing

July 22, 2004

Hmm.... this VoIP stuff we've been talking about since '97? Looks like people are finally starting to listen. It was only a matter of time. Today Verizon launches its brand-new broadband voice service called VoiceWing.

VocalTec Jumps On Broadband VoIP Juggernaut; Expands Essentra Suite

July 20, 2004

I just got back from a week away (I spent a quiet week on the coast of southern Maine with my family) to find my Inbox overflowing with messages. A couple of meetings here, a status update there, and it was well in to the afternoon before I had a chance to look around and see what news had transpired back here in civilization while I was teaching my 2-year-old twins that as scary as the ocean is, it’s not such a horrible idea to splash in the surf.

Apparently, while I was away, VoIP fixture VocalTec announced that they were expanding their Essentra product suite and decoupling the various parts of their softswitch in order to allow systems integrators and resellers the opportunity to mix and match VocalTec elements with third-party products in order to enable best of breed solutions. The announcement also establishes VocalTec as a player in the voice over broadband market that is currently as hot as any technology opportunity out there.

eDial Delivers Advanced Communications Server 5.0

July 20, 2004

eDial announced yesterday the arrival of its latest version of their Advanced Communications Server (ACS) 5.0. The ACS 5.0 is a SIP-based feature server designed to enable service providers to deliver a full suite of communications and collaboration services, such as audio and Web conferencing, presence-based services, as well as instant and broadcast messaging capabilities.

While eDial has significant roots in the enterprise market, this announcement marks a strategic move into the carrier space. That’s not to say the company is abandoning its enterprise customers however.

Interactive Intelligence Spins Off Subsidiary

July 8, 2004

I was combing through my Inbox today, and i came across a release titled, "Interactive Intelligence Launches Subsidiary to Sell All-Software IP PBX."

I thought, Wow! That's pretty big. Anyway, here's the gist of it:

Interactive Intelligence Inc., has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary named Vonexus Inc. The new company was created to more effectively distribute a newly packaged and priced version of Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC)- a standards-based, all-software IP PBX developed exclusively for Microsoft SMB customers.

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