Bandwidth Shaping In A Wireless Access Point: AirEqualizer

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Bandwidth Shaping In A Wireless Access Point: AirEqualizer

APconnections, a Colorado-based supplier of plug-and-play bandwidth shaping products, has just released the AirEqualizer, a self-contained power-over-Ethernet (PoE) wireless access point (AP) with built-in NetEqualizer technology (NetEqualizer appliances are plug and play bandwidth shaping systems designed for voice and data networks). AirEqualizer is designed to allow organizations to control network congestion at the AP, and ensure high-quality connectivity for VoIP and other priority users, thereby dramatically reducing help desk and service calls — without the need for any manual tuning.

“With AirEqualizer, we are changing the economics of delivering quality wireless services,” said Art Reisman, CTO and founder of APconnections. “Built-in equalizing eliminates brownouts and lockups, while at the same time allowing 25–40 percent more users to connect to a single AP.”

In addition to APconnections’ equalizing technology, AirEqualizer comes with standard commercial AP technology, including authentication, billing, re-direction, routing, and firewall protection.

You can find the release announcing this product here.


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