Endavo Tackles Last Mile

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Endavo Tackles Last Mile

I received this news earlier today, and having just put the wraps on our February issue I thought I’d share. You see, the February issue features a cover story on Triple Play. And so, with that in mind, I offer today’s news from Endavo.

Endavo, a digital services aggregator, enables small IP-service providers (voice, data, video) to diversify their offerings to their clients by plugging into the Endavo EcoSystem. Not only does the EcoSystem provide the technology for Endavo partners to add those services, but it also handles billing and account management.

I’ve pasted the release below.

The Digital Linchpin: Endavo Wins Race for ‘The Last Mile’

Utah-based Digital Services Aggregator Levels the Playing Field for Voice, Data and Video Providers

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Jan. 20, 2005 – Endavo Media and Communications today announced its ownership of the elusive ‘last mile’, connecting consumers to a full range of digital service and content options - no matter where in the country the consumer resides.

“We have successfully completed what many see as ‘the last mile’ in digital entertainment and distribution, direct delivery to the home,” said Endavo CEO Paul Hamm. “Through partnerships with local governments, school campuses, independent service providers and real estate developers, Endavo is now delivering on what many see as the promise of Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), as well as improved, cost-effective digital services from anywhere in the world – geography is no longer a barrier.”

Endavo partners fuel the Endavo EcoSystem, a unique content delivery mechanism that provides an accounting and distribution framework for independent providers of IP-based products and services, including VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), networked gaming, content and applications.

These providers can ‘plug’ their services into the Endavo EcoSystem and immediately expand what they offer to customers, as well as expand their own customer base – without paying to develop their own additional infrastructure. Once linked in to the Endavo EcoSystem, the services become immediately available to the entire Endavo subscriber base. Local video content partners, as well as previously announced IPTV partner, FTTH Communications, are key participants in the Endavo EcoSystem.

“The connection between local communities, service providers and real estate developers is key – the partnerships we own literally lay the groundwork for the future of digital entertainment,” said Hamm. “The leadership model that Endavo is providing to that end translates into true consumer empowerment, the likes of which no one has seen to date.”

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