Enterprise VoIP Continues To Grow

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Enterprise VoIP Continues To Grow

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Slowly I turn… step by step… inch by inch….


Slowly I grow… step by step… inch by inch…

A newly published report from Dell'Oro Group reveals that IP PBX shipments will reach 28 million lines in 2006, surpassing TDM shipments. According to the Dell’Oro Group IP Telephony Enterprise 5-Year Forecast Report, IP Telephone shipments have entered a period of sustained growth. Dell’Oro tells us that the IP Telephone market will expand from simply a PBX handset business into emerging IP Centrex and Residential Voice-over-IP (VoIP) markets. Consumer wireless LAN (WLAN) phone introductions in 2005 will stimulate IP Telephone sales to residential VoIP subscribers.

According to Steve Raab, Director of IP Telephony Research at Dell’Oro Group, “The transition from PBX to IP PBX is happening faster than the transition from Traditional Key Systems to PBX.”

In other positive news this week, AltiGen announced in its earnings report that the company posted record revenues for Q1 05.

And, discussing this week’s earnings announcement from Avaya, and the fact that much of the company’s profits may have come from companies it acquired recently, analysts suggested that lower sales in the company's traditional telephone business could be offsetting higher revenue from Internet telephone systems.


So, step by step, inch by inch, the enterprise telecom market is becoming the enterprise IP telephony market.

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