FCC VoIP Order: It was only a matter of time

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FCC VoIP Order: It was only a matter of time

Here we go. We all knew it was only a matter of time before the FCC would hear an appeal from one (or some) of the service providers offering VoIP service regarding the E911 order.  It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Nuvio today announced that it has filed an appeal of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order requiring VoIP providers to make E911 available to their customers nationwide by the end of the year.  Because of the looming November 28, 2005 deadline, Nuvio has requested the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to expedite the schedule in the hopes of reaching a decision prior the FCC Order taking effect.

“While we share the Commission’s passion about deploying 911 service, and we have worked diligently to provide our users with 911 access, the 120-day requirement imposed by the FCC is arbitrary and capricious and without support in the record,” commented Jason Talley, president and CEO of Nuvio.  “In fact, the record clearly shows that wireless companies have been given decades to implement this type of 911 service and are still far from completion”.

“With the filing of our motion for an expedited briefing schedule, we have advised the court that it is imperative that we have a decision by November 7, 2005.  Absent that, and with the lack of direction currently given by the FCC, we will have no choice but to start suspending some users.  Our users are primarily small to medium-sized businesses, and we have to be able to notify them in advance of any service interruption,” Talley stated.

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