German Unit To Block VoIP Applications

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German Unit To Block VoIP Applications

Seems that VoIP is scaring the scheize out of some folks. According to a published report this morning, Vodafone’s German unit has made plans to disable calls from VoIP operators such as Skype and others beginning in July 2007.


The article quotes Vodafone Germany spokesman Heiko Witzke, who said that in the interim the company may yet reverse its policy. Witzke wouldn't comment about why the company was taking the step, but said that "2007 is a long ways to go; anything may happen until then."

Hmm… Established, legacy carriers, fearful of losing market share to VoIP… That can’t happen here, right? Well we all remember the situation early last spring with Madison River Communications, and how the FCC slapped them with a fine – no time wasted, no questions asked – for blocking Vonage VoIP ports. It seemed at the time that we had little to worry about from network providers blocking the use of our chosen VoIP providers.

Alas, the recent Brand X decision by the US Supreme Court appears to throw the door wide open to port blocking on a large scale. While Tom Keating disagrees, saying how it’s not in the best interest of the individual network providers to block others’ VoIP ports, it’s still entirely within the realm of possibility. And leaving it on the shoulders of the providers to “do the right thing” has never been something I put too much stock in.

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Of course not.

But is it fair to say it’s starting when the Germans block VoIP? Stay tuned. I’m sure this story has a long way to go.

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I think you'll find it was the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbour.

Plus, any sensible corporate would force its users to run all communications via a secure VPN, which technically could be blocked but doing so would destroy the cellular providers 3G message. So run VoIP via a secure VPN tunnel.

Or change providers.

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