iBasis Expands To Meet Growing European Demand

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iBasis Expands To Meet Growing European Demand

iBasis announced that they are expanding their architecture, adding to their facility in London to meet growing demand for VoIP services among consumers, small-and-medium sized enterprises, and corporates in Europe. This expansion of iBasis' DirectVoIP Broadband capacity offers VoIP service providers fast and secure IP interconnections to the iBasis global VoIP network through the London facility to enable high quality international voice services for consumer and corporate customers.

iBasis enhanced its global VoIP architecture to fulfill accelerated demand from emerging VoBB providers, such as Skype.

"The expansion of our DirectVoIP Broadband architecture into our London facility enables us to offer a very convenient and complete solution that allows providers of retail VoIP services to connect their subscribers to virtually any phone in the world, whether it's a fixed or mobile phone," said Ofer Gneezy, president and CEO of iBasis.

"This expansion gives us plenty of capacity to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for retail VoIP services, such as the SkypeOut service, and deliver the same high quality of service to other emerging VoIP providers and their subscribers throughout Europe."

"As a pioneer in VoIP services, iBasis is a strong partner for Skype as we expand our premium services that increase interconnectivity to ordinary fixed and mobile phones for our millions of customers worldwide," said Niklas Zennstrom, Skype's CEO and co-founder. "The extensive global footprint, regionalized architecture, and high call quality of the iBasis network has supported SkypeOut's dynamic growth by handling a large and rapidly increasing volume of Skype customers' Internet telephony calls to the traditional PSTN and mobile networks."

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