IMS Magazine FREE Listing Deadline Extended!

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IMS Magazine FREE Listing Deadline Extended!

As I look over the 2007 IMS Magazine Buyer’s Guide listings that have come in so far, it’s dawned on me that so many of you have not yet submitted your Free Listings.
They’re FREE! What are you waiting for?
Please take a moment and surf on over to
and fill out the company info and select a few categories that best represent what it is that you do.
I promise this will only take a minute.
We’ve extended the deadline until this Friday December 1st.
That’s this Friday! So don’t waste any more time!
And just so you know who among your competition will be listed, I’ve included the list below.
Here they are:
Aastra Telecom
Alliance Systems
BASiX Automation Integrators, Inc.
Bridgewater Systems
Brix Networks
Cantata Technology
CapRock Communications
CePOINT Networks, LLC
Cistera Networks, Inc.
Citrix Systems, Inc.
CommuniGate Systems
CounterPath Solutions
Empirix Inc.
Encore Networks
Engineers' Consulting Group
Forum Communications International
Gallery IP Telephony
GlobalTouch Telecom
GlobalTouch Telecom
HEADNetworks LLC
IntelliNet Technologies
Kontron AG
mPhase Technologies
OPC Marketing, Inc.
Pactolus Communications Software
Redwood Technologies Limited
Reef Point Systems
Solegy, LLC
Stratus Technologies
Sylantro Systems
TAZZ Networks
TeleWare plc
Toshiba America Information Systems, Telecom Systems Div.
Ubiquity Software, Inc.
VocalTec Communications Ltd.
VoX Communications
XO Communications

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