Juniper In Deal for Peribit, Redline

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Juniper In Deal for Peribit, Redline

Bogged down with slow apps and sluggish throughput? Got half a billion to spend? No problem. Accelerate your problems away!

Juniper Networks, Inc., has announced definitive agreements to acquire Peribit Networks, Inc., and Redline Networks, Inc., for approximately $469 million. The Peribit Networks acquisition is valued at approximately $337 million in cash, stock and assumed stock options. The Redline Networks acquisition is valued at approximately $132 million in cash and assumed stock options.

Both companies are up and coming players in the field of application acceleration.

“Juniper's traffic processing strategy took a giant leap forward today,” said Juniper CEO Scott Kriens, in a conference call Tuesday afternoon. According to Kriens, the need for application acceleration technologies has grown significantly over the past few years, as large corporate applications are distributed widely across uncertain networking links.

Peribit Networks products improve enterprise business efficiencies by resolving the technical limitations of WANs. The company’s PeriSphere architecture is a WAN optimization architecture that enables application rollout and webification, facilitates data center consolidation, and improves disaster recovery/backup and regulatory compliance. Peribit platforms and software are designed to provide customers with increased WAN capacity, faster application performance, prioritized application delivery, and total WAN visibility. Peribit brings over 900 customers to the deal.

Redline Networks designs network solutions that maximize the performance, flexibility and scalability of web-enabled enterprise data centers and public web sites. The company's family of Application Front Ends, deployed within the boundaries of corporate data centers, enables users to control and customize any Web-based environment while reducing infrastructure cost and complexity. Redline Networks has over 350 enterprise customers.

The acquisitions in our space continue.

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