#$%^&* Apple!

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#$%^&* Apple!

It figures. Do something to help the masses identify where they can get an iPhone 3G and Bam! No good deed shall remain unpunished.
Earlier today I blogged about the Top Muffin iPhone 3G Availability Tracker, and how it was helping people find the iPhone 3G's they had been waiting for. Well guess what? It's gone. Over!
Here's what Top Muffin has to say:
Evidently, Apple did not like their 3G iPhone availability data being used outside of apple.com.
They have changed all inventory values to NULL in their JSON file. I guess it beats a cease-and-desist letter.\
Looks like people will have to go to the store themselves now. It's a wonderful strategy on the part of Apple. Maybe once we get the folks who want an iPhone into our stores, they'll impulsively purchase some iPods and a 30-inch Cinema Display...


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