On VoIP Mobility & Security

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On VoIP Mobility & Security

I’ve just returned from the Voicecon trade show, where I met with a number of vendors serving the enterprise VoIP space. Among the many themes discussed this week, two seem to bubble up to the top: mobility and security.

In an earlier post, I wrote about the formation of the VOIPSA, or VoIP Security Alliance. In the first week of its existence, the total number of member companies has doubled to 50 and over 1,500 people have signed on to the mailing list.

Without sounding like Chicken Little and claiming that the sky is falling, I think it’s fair to say that VoIP security is an important issue, and the founding of an alliance such as this one to address it is welcome to say the least.

As for mobility, Research in Motion made some news this week in regards to partnering with 3Com and Nortel for extending those vendors’ enhanced IP PBX features to RIM’s Blackberry 7270 devices. These Blackberries operate on 802.11b networks and incorporate both voice and data capabilities. The BlackBerry 7270 is the first BlackBerry handheld to feature VoIP and WLAN support.

“Leveraging both companies' respective strengths, the 3Com-Research In Motion alliance enables businesses to deploy standards-based, world-class IP telephony and wireless solutions in order to provide their campus employees with seamless access to time-sensitive information,” said Dave Hattey, 3Com vice president and general manager, enterprise solutions.

According to Malcolm Collins, president, Enterprise Networks, Nortel, “Together, Nortel and RIM plan to take mobile communications to an entirely new level. Both companies have embraced wireless standards and SIP in the development of enterprise solutions, paving the way for the integration of our technologies and vision. Today's announcement of our efforts to mobilize on-campus workers with profoundly powerful communications is an important first step that will bring enhanced business capabilities to customers.”

Research in Motion also announced a deal with Verizon whereby the carrier will offer Blackberry 7250 Wireless Handheld devices in all Verizon Wireless stores as of tomorrow (February 11).


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