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Building on recent distributions deals with Ingram Micro and Navarre, Packet8 has announced that Internet shoppers can now find Packet8 VoIP products and services online at

The Packet8 offerings currently featured at include the recently introduced DV326 Broadband VideoPhone, which is designed to work like a regular telephone and delivers video calls over a high-speed Internet connection, and the DTA Broadband Phone Adapter, which is designed to allow a regular phone to make and receive calls worldwide over the Internet, with accompanying VoIP service plans.

Both Packet8 offerings at are accompanied by special promotional incentives including a mail-in rebate on the DTA adapter of $60 until along with free activation and two months of free service and a $200 mail-in rebate on one Packet8 VideoPhone, $500 mail in rebate for two, along with free activations and one free month of service.

Weekend recap: The Mets won 2 out of 3 from the Cubbies this weekend, unfortunately, the home team decided to lose in front of me. Well, me and several thousand rabid Cubs fans who turned Shea Stadium into Wrigley east for the weekend. Still, it was a beautiful night for a game.

Speaking of beautiful nights, some friends and I headed out for a night of striper fishing in the Long Island Sound on Saturday. Heading out of Glen Cove, NY on the Sea Otter West we never did manage to land any keeper stripers. The one bass we landed was tiny and was tossed back to fight another day. However we did load up on buckets and buckets of cocktail blues. Thanks to Capt. Glenn and mates Marco & Nick. And a big thanks to Z-man for setting up this trip.

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Packet 8 is the worst! I have had nothing but problems with them. Here are the lowlights:

September: Started Service

Mid September: Phone lines went down, so I called packet8 to fix them. It took tech support two days to get it fixed.

Early October: I found out that they billed my credit card $180 for stuff that I never ordered or authorized. It took me 10 phone calls, one week and hours of time to finally get them to aknowledge that they over charged me. Then it took another three weeks to 'get my money back'. Actually they refused to credit my money to my card, all they were willing to do was giving me credit for their crappy phone service.

Mid October: Suddenly my business line stopped working. I found out that they had sold my business line to some guy selling car stereos!!
It took three phone calls and one day to get that fixed.

Now, Late November: My phones have been down for 9 hours. I waited for support on hold for 45 minutes. When I talked to them they basically said, 'tough shit our server is corrupted, can't help you out'. When I asked when it would be fixed they said, "don't know'"

Packet 8 is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE company with awful customer service, awful technology, and they are crooks in my opinion. They have cost me quite a bit of money and not once have they offered to remedy that situation.

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