Powell Out; VoIP Industry Reacts (Part 3)

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Greg Galitzine

Powell Out; VoIP Industry Reacts (Part 3)

It's being widely reported today that FCC Chairman Michael Powell will step down from his post.

As promised, here is yet another comment from an industry thought leader regarding this news.

William Wilhelm, partner in the legal firm Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman, LLP and Regulation Watch columnist for Internet Telephony magazine weighed in regarding the Chairman's departure from the FCC:

"Most VoIP providers will be quite sad to see the Chairman leave. It was under his leadership that the FCC issued its unanimous Vonage Order as well as the other key decisions. These rulings set a clear path to free VoIP from traditional regulatory underbrush.

"The FCC's IP Enabled proceeding remains outstanding and the next Chairman, who ever that may be, will have to answer the many questions that this order presents. It's absolutely critical that VoIP providers and suppliers extend every effort to meet with and educate the new Chairman so as to ensure that he or she shares the same enthusiasm about VoIP as Chairman Powell did."

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