Powell Out; VoIP Industry Reacts (Part 5)

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Greg Galitzine

Powell Out; VoIP Industry Reacts (Part 5)

CompTel/ASCENT CEO H. Russell Frisby Jr. had this to say on the occasion of Michael Powell's resignation:

“We wish Chairman Powell well in his future endeavors. The Chairman has been a strong advocate for the principles in which he believed.

"CompTel/ASCENT looks forward to working with Chairman Powell’s successor. The year ahead is filled with many critical issues that must be addressed promptly and appropriately to ensure that competition between all types of telecom service providers is allowed to flourish. The FCC and its new chief must meet the challenge to encourage competitive broadband deployment, which will result in more choices, new services, and lower prices for U.S. consumers and businesses. In doing so, the Commission must continue its support for the facilities-based, intramodal competition that has resulted amazing technological growth since the passage of the 1996 Telecom Act.”

CompTel/ASCENT was formed in November 2003 by the merger of two trade associations in the competitive telecommunications industry, the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel) and the Association of Communications Enterprises (ASCENT).

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