Siemens Enhances IMS/FMC Portfolio

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Siemens Enhances IMS/FMC Portfolio

Siemens Communications today announced a new version of its IMS-based fixed mobile convergence (FMC) solution with a deployment model supporting the enterprise market, the consumer cable operator market as well as the fixed/mobile telephony market.

Siemens has trialed the solution in the United States as well as globally with a range of service providers over the last year.

According to the company news announcement, the Siemens IMS/FMC solution features transparent roaming and active handoffs across fixed and mobile networks. The solution includes personalized multimedia services and – for enterprises – presence-aware collaboration technologies that help improve workflow and business process efficiencies.

Features of the Siemens IMS/FMC solution include:

  • Intelligent Address Book — Stored on the IMS/FMC subsystem and accessible on all networks, contact information needs only to be entered once and is available to all end devices.
  • Roaming Button — Allows a subscriber to receive calls and messages on the device that he or she is currently using; this feature can be enabled or disabled based on presence and availability.
  • Call-and-Share — Data and voice work together with this feature. While calling from home to a friend with a mobile phone to explain directions, for example, a subscriber could also sketch a route on a city map and send the instructions to the friend’s mobile phone during the conversation.

Hosted enterprise services are also part of the Siemens IMS/FMC solution, enabling people, teams and organizations to communicate more efficiently and integrate business applications and workflow processes. The IMS/FMC solution incorporates technology from Siemens’ HiPath OpenScape collaboration portal – providing presence-enhanced tools for multimedia correspondence including voice, messaging, document sharing, video, and conferencing.

Scheduled for springtime availability, the solution complies with the NCS cable standard, allowing full support of IMS and PacketCable services within one service network infrastructure.

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