Telcordia Enhances IMS Portfolio

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Greg Galitzine

Telcordia Enhances IMS Portfolio

From the "If-you-can't-bill-for-it-how-will-you-ever-make-money" files, Telcordia announced a significant enhancement to Maestro, its IMS portfolio today.

The news involves an integrated Diameter interface to its Telcordia Converged Real Time Charging solution. With the integration of Diameter and the Credit Control Application (CCA), both industry standards specified by the 3GPP, Telcordia’s Real Time Charging solution gives operators an tool to introduce new services, flexible pricing offers, reduce revenue leakage, and minimize operating expenses. Just in time for the holidays, this would make the perfect gift for any service provider on your list. Really.

Check out the news as it appears on Telcordia's site.

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