The FCC Blinks

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Greg Galitzine

The FCC Blinks


So it appears that putting forth a good faith effort turned out to be enough this time. This time.

According to a report from the AP the Federal Communications Commission has backed off the deadline they had set for VoIP providers to shut off their customers’ service.

The report cited Commission statements saying that the status reports required from every Internet phone company last week showed that by "repeatedly prompting subscribers through a variety of means, the majority of providers .... have obtained acknowledgments from nearly all, if not all, of their subscribers."

The FCC said providers who have received confirmations from at least 90 percent of their subscribers will no longer face the disconnection requirement, but still must continue seeking the remaining acknowledgments.

All carriers below the 90 percent threshold will have until Oct. 31 to reach that level and avoid the disconnection requirement.

It will be interesting to see if the FCC’s appreciation of a good faith effort will extend to the November 28th deadline regarding E911.

As far as this saga is concerned, stay tuned…

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