Telanetix in VoIP Deal With Costco

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Telanetix in VoIP Deal With Costco

Location, location, location. We've all hear that adage before. If you want to sell a product or service you need to be where the customers are. And Telanetix, which has just announced the availability of a new VoIP offering in conjunction with Costco Wholesale, believes the customers they seek frequent the big box retailer.

Telanetix' AccessLine Division has announced a combined business phone service and business phone system package to Costco's small business members, targeting small enterprises with five or fewer employees.

According to the company, this represents over 60% of all registered businesses in the U.S.

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Here's an excerpt from the release:

To simplify the purchase process for Costco Members, AccessLine Digital Phone Service is a complete package; it comes with a cutting-edge phone system, complete with all necessary phones, bundled with the phone service itself. The package is packed with features that make the whole purchase and installation process easy for the Costco business member, such as an equipment installment purchase plan rather than a large upfront charge, one point of contact rather than dealing with a service provider and an equipment provider, plug and play installation, and service quality monitoring.
I previously wrote about Costco offering Syspine's Digital Operator Phone System from Quanta Computer, featuring Microsoft's Response Point phone system software.

As VoIP-based phone systems become simpler to install, I would venture to say we'll see many more such announcements from telecom equipment makers and even service providers as they try to reach the small business market.

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